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Fly Fighter Jet


Fly Fighter Jets


What is Fly Fighter Jet?

Ever dreamed of streaking through the sky in honest-to-goodness fighter jets? Do you get excited when you think about the possibility of flying to the edge of space? Ever wanted to be part of a dogfight in the sky?

If you answered yes any of those questions but thought you would never be able to fulfill your dream, think again. Fly Fighter Jets offers these experiences and more just for the price of a ticket. You’ll be enjoying a real flight in  real fighter jets before you know what happened. Experienced pilots will control the plane, so you’ll get all the fun and none of the work!

Options for jet fighter flights include the Supersonic MiG-29 Fulcrum interceptor, the Hawker Hunter fighter-bomber, the AeroL-39 Albatros and more. Flights take place all over the world.

The L-39 jets near Los Angeles are just like the ones you see in Hollywood blockbuster movies like James Bond or Lord of War – you’ll be just like your Hollywood heroes! These flights are the real deal, not just simulations.

Most flights include an orientation where you meet the pilot and learn about your flight program for the day. You’ll receive some education from experienced flight instructors before heading out for your flight.

Depending on the plane and the flight you chose, you may get to do some acrobatics in the jet, including loops, dives, Immelmans, steep climbs, rolls and more. You may also have the chance to actually control the fighter jet during the flight, which will definitely earn you bragging rights at home.

You will take home a certificate that includes your flight details. You also have permission to take photographs and record video yourself during the flight.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can channel your best Maverick impression and fly in the MiG-29 Fulcrum. If you want to do supersonic and Edge of Space flights, the MiG is your best – and only – option. A modern fighter jet, it will take you to altitudes of up to 13.7 miles high (more than 72,000 feet).

If you want to make it to actual space, sign up now for the Xcor Lynx Space Flight as the age of space flights begins to pick up momentum. Suborbital space tourism is close indeed – the company will let you know when flights are scheduled to begin. The space flights offered by Fly Fighter Jet are in partnership with the Xcor Lynx space vehicle, now a major competitor with Richard Branson and the Virgin space program.

More Details

To fly in one of these fantastic jets, you must be in good health (no heart or spine problems). Because of cockpit sizes on the L-39, you must be shorter than 6’4” and weigh less than 280 pounds. You must also be at least 18 or have a signed parental waiver. The flight and all the necessary instruction and debriefing will take about three hours.

Fly Fighter Jet operates near Los Angeles, Houston and Tampa in the United States, along with flights in Toronto, Russia and a few European countries.

Buy a Fly Fighter Jet Experience

The fighter jet experience can be yours starting at $2,399. Prices increase according to length of the flight and the type of plane you choose. You can book your own personal fighter jet trip on the company’s website or you can call their phone number.

The gift of a Fly Fighter Jet experience would also be a one-of-a-kind present for that special someone who already has everything. Call today and book one flight for you and one for them. You are very close to the adventure of a lifetime – don’t miss out!



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