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What is Gi Fly Bike?

Need an easy way to get around a city without the burden of owning a car or depending on public transportation?

How about a full-sized electric bike that can travel up to 40 miles on one charge and includes 3-speed electric assistance to help you up those tiring hills? Oh yeah, and it instantly folds in half for easy storage and seamless portability, integrates with your mobile phone and is seriously eco-friendly.

Perfect for navigating busy city streets, Gi Fly Bike is the answer for you. Built in Argentina in service to the one big idea of transforming urban commuting, Gi Fly challenges every aspect of traditional bicycle design.

At 37 pounds, it is lightweight even though it includes full-sized 26” tires. A GPS tracking system and iOS or Android sync automatically turns your smartphone into a full-view navigation system that will guide you directly to your destination.

Gi Fly also includes a smart-lock anti-theft system that can automatically locks your bike when you get 15 feet away. If you have a friend who you want to share the bike with, you can send your friend an exclusive unlocking code through the Gi Fly app on your phone. And maybe best of all, your new Gi Fly includes a USB port enabling you to charge your phone while you ride.

More Details

Gi Fly was born in Argentina after a national strike paralyzed the city. Three friends wanted a better way for commuters to get around, so they focused on building a new bicycle that challenged conventional design.

The result is the Gi Fly, the first full-size electric smart bike built specifically for the everyday commuter. Perfect for a 21st-century world, the Gi Fly is tech-savvy, adapts to your city, looks sleek and stylish and promotes a greener world.

Your new Gi Fly bike is made from 100 percent recyclable aircraft grade aluminum and manufactured with the same CNC machine that is used in airplane manufacturing. It is an electric bike, which means that every time you pedal, you will get assistance from a smart electric engine. This gives you a boost going up steep hills and allows you to get to work without breaking a sweat – you can reach a top speed of 15 mph. The brushless 250-watt motor provides 36 volts of electricity.

You can fold up a Gi Fly Bike in just one second with a single, simple motion. Unlike its competitors, Gi Fly has normal 26 x 1.5” wheels with disc brakes.

The Gi Fly’s battery will charge your phone so you can stay connected as you travel. You can also sync the bike with your phone by attaching it to the bike’s control panel, which lets you ride with a full navigation system. The bike’s app will show you best route for bicycles – the app is actually designed for best visibility of the rider so it doesn’t sacrifice your riding position.

Gi Fly’s solid tires are soft enough for the ride, but hard enough that sharp obstacles won’t make them flat. A shock-absorbing system and silicone gel inserts in the seat ensure comfort while you ride.

Buy Gi Fly Bikes

Not yet available in stores, you can pre-order Gi Fly Bike on the company’s Kickstarter site today. If you are one of the first 300 early bird backers, the bike will cost $1,990. After that time, the Gi Fly will cost $2,290 for the rest of the campaign. Bike are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2016.

Order now – you’ll get the incredible electric bike that literally folds in one second and saves the planet while you ride. What more could you ask for? Order today!



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