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What is Gray Design?

Gray Design is an international premium design studio focused on yacht and automotive designs that can be described in one word: revolutionary. If you are in the market for a high-end automobile or boat and want something out of the ordinary, He can turn your vision into reality.

Winner of first prize in the Michelin Challenge Design Award competition in 2011 and winner of the 2014 International Yacht and Aviation Award, Edward Gray  is daring and bold and visionary. One look at photos of their models and finished products can get your blood running hot – their focus on innovation and industrial design produces sleek, modern pieces built for thrill.

At the same time, Edward Gray bases his updated approach on proportions and materials that are timeless and look attractive no matter what year it is. They take these good ideas and build on them, putting them into production with eye-catching designs that manage to keep function, proportion and fluidity all in balance with each other.

The company’s international design products have included work in the United States, Sweden, Monaco and China.

Despite their focus on yacht and automotive design, the company has also taken on many consumer product design projects such as control systems, audio instrumentation, display booths, accessories and more. They have even produced clothing design projects for clients, displaying their versatility and sense of style.

Just one example of their many products is the Fairwei yacht, a golf-themed yacht designed and created for wealthy golf enthusiasts who cannot get enough of the game. Long and sleek, the Fairwei gives golfers the opportunity to chase ever-greater levels of experience and perfection.

The yacht includes greens areas that provide a relaxed environment and a tee box to practice your drives above the fly deck. The side and aft decks include chipping and putting greens so you can put in some work on your short game. The interior of the boat is simple and minimalistic, with elegant crystal enhancements. An indoor spa and swimming pool provide just the right way to wind down at the end of a day of fun and sun.

More Details

Gray Design is always up for a new challenge, and even encourages you to submit your own designs for projects you would like to see on the market. If you have a concept for your own yacht or automobile, the company is highly experienced at developing your concept into a fully-designed product. They can help you with visualization, building a prototype and even marketing your new product to customers.

Gray Designs focuses on the luxury market, which allows them to come up with products that are much more innovative and exclusive than if they were trying to mass-produce a product. You can do the same, whether you want to purchase a luxury product or develop you own. The top-shelf mindset you need is no different.

Buy Gray Design Products

As you can tell, Gray Designs products place a huge emphasis on design – the form is as important as the function. Because of this reality, the company gives you a chance to buy a solid aluminum or wood scale model of your designed automobile or yacht before production takes place. This gives you a chance to see and feel and hold the vehicle so you can have a full picture of what the final version will look like before you commit to an actual sale.

Check the Gray Designs website for more details on existing products and sending in your own ideas or suggestions. You can contact the company through their website with your idea or to see their products.

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