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GreyP Bikes

What is GreyP Bikes?

Greyp Electric Bikes is changing the way that the world thinks about electric bicycles.

A division of Rimac Automobili, the Croatian manufacturer behind the world’s most powerful electric car, Greyp Electric Bikes has the expertise needed to create an electric bicycle unlike any other.

Their first effort towards this goal was the Greyp G12. Designed to combine the best aspects of motorcycles and bicycles into a single package, the G12 was a successful product in every sense of the word.

Yet it wasn’t enough for the folks at Greyp. They took the G12 and fine-tuned every aspect of it. The result is the Greyp G12S, the 2nd generation of the robust G12 electric bicycle.

More Details

The key is the amount of time spent developing the bike. Countless hours went into creating the best user experience possible. A safe, intuitive, and high-performing ride is the end result.

The G12S is all about the details. Every single feature of the machine has been perfected to enhance the user experience.

A fingerprint-activated biometric sensor is used to unlock and start the bike. Keys are no longer needed. Greyp has designed this system so that your thumb opens Street Mode and your middle finger opens Power Mode.

The Greyp G12S features several different riding modes. For instance, the Street Mode is designed to ensure the vehicle is street-legal in the EU. This mode limits speed and power. Remember that top speed is still available with just a tap on the touch-screen control panel whenever it’s needed.

The sophisticated control panel is the center of an array of electronics. These electronics display an assortment of information including speed, electric consumption, engine temperature, and much more. You’ll always know exactly how your bike is performing with this data at hand.

As an electric bicycle, it’s worth noting that the G12S features a pedal system in addition to its electric motor. You’re able to pedal the bicycle whenever you want. Yet it’s never needed. The engine can get the bike up to speeds of 70 km/h. That’s a very nice feature when it comes to climbing steep hills!

As for range, a single charge powers the G12S up to 120 km. Once again, the control panel helps calculate how much of a charge you have left. Knowing the amount of battery life helps you conserve energy so you never run out of electric power on a trip.

Another key feature of the Greyp G12s is its brakes. They are high-quality hydraulic disc brakes for the best in stopping power. Safety was at the forefront of the design process and this is evident in the G12S’s brakes.

All of the G12S’s performance and functionality are housed in a rugged package. The design of the electric bicycle is robust and beautiful. You’re sure to turn more than a few heads.

At the end of the day, riding the G12S is a real treat. It’s a comfortable, durable, and high-performing bike. Though it’s best suited for on-road use, it can withstand the bumps and jolts of an off-road ride.

Buy Greyp Electric Bikes Products  

Find out more about the Greyp G12S on the Greyp Electric Bikes website at Greyp.com.

Here you can find more information about the G12S’s exact specifications as well as how to test ride the bike at the factory or a dealership.

An online store is also available for you to purchase the bike. A directory can also help you find a dealership if you prefer to purchase the bike in person.

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