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What is Grillworks?

This is not your father’s grill – except that it was created by the father of the current company president after a stint abroad that included a stop in Argentina, where the open-flame grilling culture took a strong hold on him.

Grillworks are the result of his grilling interest – finely crafted grills that are deceptively simple and provide precision control thanks to their signature cast aluminum crank wheels that let the grill master adjust the cooking surface level as the wood-fired flames rise and fall throughout the cooking cycle.

The cooking surface is slanted at a perfect 4 degrees to allow for basting and sauce techniques, increasing the sensory flavor of the food. These American artisanal grills boast an international open-flame heritage that has provided wood-fired enthusiasts a premier grill for more than 30 years.

Grillworks grills range from enormous commercial grills for use in restaurants to much smaller models for serious grillers at home. Whether they are freestanding, built-in, or custom-made, they all include a patented grilling system that produces perfect results for the expert wood flame griller.

Every Grillworks grill is built by hand by a team of master welders who use the finest stainless steel. These metal artists originally came from the auto industry, where they learned to combine stainless steel and high heat with expertise. In fact, Grillwork grills have been described as “The Ferrari of Grills” – as apt a description as has ever been made.

Whether you want a standard model or you have called to discuss your custom order, your grill is fully assembled to make sure it fits well before it is packed in a box to ship to you. When you open the box, you’ll find a grill constructed from the ground up by master craftsmen in the United States. You’ll get years of enjoyment from it, and you’ll be able to pass it on to your kids. What more can you ask?

More Details

Several different models of Grillworks grills are produced for purchase. The company’s flagship line of Infierno grills is designed for commercial use in restaurants and outdoor spaces. With these grills, chefs will feel the freedom to be wildly creative.

The Grillworks Asador product line is produced for both professional and hardcore amateurs to use. Their inner frame of stainless steel tubes reinforces the rest of the grill’s steel. These grills can be freestanding or built-in and require an 8-10 week lead time.

The Grillworks Architectural line can be installed in both commercial and residential grilling areas. These grills work well with professional culinary equipment and can be constructed exactly to your specifications. They will be a natural centerpiece for your grilling area.

Residential freestanding grills are also available on the website. These are the best options if you want to begin learning wood-fired grilling on your back patio. They are hand-built of brushed stainless steel and include a layer of heat-insulating bricks. Plan for an 8-9 week lead time.

Buy Grillworks Grills

By now, your mouth is watering and you’re ready to buy and grill right away. To buy or order a Grillworks Grill, visit the company website. The home and portable grills are available to buy on the site – prices range from about $3,000 to $14,000. Larger professional and custom grills are also listed, but you must call the company to get more details and a quote on how much your desired product will cost.

Cooking over a wood flame may be a new experience for you (you’ll probably ruin some food as you master a new skill), but you will enjoy the sensory and taste experience that results. Call to order your own Grillworks grill today!

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