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What are Hart Audio Products?

Based in the United Kingdom, Hart Audio has built a niche for themselves as producers of unique, modern, dynamic and exclusive speakers for your aural pleasure. These are not your mother’s speakers, unless you mother was ready to plunk down about $5 million for a set. That price is for the solid gold version of the Aural Pleasure Speakers, which is no longer available. A bronze version, however, is still very much available.

These speakers are where sculpture meets science. Their shape is non-traditional and is modeled after the human ear, although it is mostly a byproduct of designing the speaker around the structure necessary to achieve the proper sonic signature.

The main model of the speakers is cast in bronze and is inspired by the large bell of Big Ben in London. Their curved design uses the ancient traditions of bell-founding acoustic technology for an audio experience like none you have ever heard. Each cabinet for each speaker weighs 50 kg (110 lbs) and is finished by hand.

The cabinets are actually cast by a British company that specializes in casting fine art sculptures, so these speakers are not just built for sound – they look like fine art as well.

Each speaker cabinet includes a single column stand with a wider base for stability due to the speakers’ weight. The loudspeaker features three speaker drive units, and a super tweeter extends the bandwidth of this new speaker to reveal the full potential of the newest high-resolution audio formats. The speakers deliver the best output when they are in the corners of a room facing into the room.

The research and development involved in bringing this unique product to market were quite extensive. Each cabinet takes two weeks of labor to produce, and there are 50 kg of bronze in each cabinet. Every single cabinet is cast, milled, chased, re-milled, polished and finished by hand in the United Kingdom. Other top-of-the-line-components are also used so there is uncompromised quality for the best possible audio.

Buy Hart Audio Products

For audiophiles who want the best quality audio out there no matter the price, Hart Audio’s Aural Pleasure Speakers are the only possible choice. Now available only in bronze, a pair weighs in at a hefty price – 40,000 pounds ($60,600).

Hart’s speakers produce the cleanest, purest sound that man has yet been able to achieve through speakers. This is great news for wealthy music lovers who just want to have the newest technology or gadgets in their industry and can afford to buy what they want. These speakers are the ultimate in exclusive audio pieces – your buddy’s new subwoofer in the back of his car won’t seem like much compared to the high-end work of art you are currently contemplating.

Hart Audio’s Aural Pleasure Speakers are an incredible accomplishment that should be celebrated – you can join in by ordering the speakers through Hart Audio’s website and then relaxing in the knowledge that you are the owner of a truly exclusive piece that brings art and technology together.



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