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HD Golf: The only thing more real is the course itself.

As every avid golfer knows, it is nearly impossible to get out to the links as much as you’d like. Even those who are blessed with weekly or bi-weekly excursions to the course feel the lack of tee time starts affecting them when they’re stuck at home.

That’s right where this simulator comes into the picture. These simulators recreate the environment of a course, giving you the chance to play a round or two with minimal equipment in a very small place. And there isn’t a simulator around that can top those offered by this company.

About HiD Golf

High Definition is not just any old golfing simulator – it is the simulator that has set the standard for both accuracy and realism in the indoor golf industry. It looks and plays just like the real thing.

This company is heralded by top PGA Tour Pros including Louis Oosthuizen, Kevin Streelman, Jerry Kelly, Jason Bohn, Stephen Ames, Amy Alcott, Ian Woosman, and Carl Pettersson. The fact that this is the system of choice for these PGA Tour Pros as well as instructors around the world says enough about the high quality of these simulators in of itself.

A major focus during the development of these simulators was to make the image as realistic as possible. The company states a goal of making it look and feel so much like the real thing that “the only thing more real is the course itself.” They accomplish this with revolutionary image processing software. The software combines high-resolution digital images, satellite data, and geophysical data from real courses into completely accurate 3D course models. For instance, every single tree, bunker, and hazard is reproduced exactly like it appears on the actual course.

HD Golf Simulator

High Definition Golf offers a range of golf simulators to suit a variety of different needs. They can further be individually tailored for entertainment, golf instruction, or club fitting. Both “soft-wall” and “hard-wall” configurations are offered so you can get the aesthetic appeal you desire. Custom draperies are even included to create an integrated viewing area.

Among the many courses users can play on their simulator are Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Pinehurst, Kiawah Island, Spyglass, Doral, Harbourtown, Troon North, Bethpage Black, Banff Springs, and an extensive list of others.

In addition to the realism of the many courses, HD simulators also provide precise shot analysis. The system measures such critical factors as ball speed, club speed, launch angle, club face angle, ball spin, and spin axis to chart each of your shots. Naturally, this makes way for an even more realistic simulation experience as the virtual ball travels in the exact same way as it would on the actual course depending on your swing.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Golf Simulator from HD Golf?

If you’re a golfing fanatic, then there is no denying you’ll absolutely love a golf simulator. As stated above, it is as close as it comes to the real playing experience, making it a perfect way to get in your golf fix even when you can’t make it to the course. The incredible realism of the simulation experience also makes this a perfect way to perfect your swing.

High Definition Golf simulators are perfect for everything from entertainment at home to club fitting at the pro shop to swing analysis and dynamics at a golfing school. Whatever your reason for investing in a golf simulator, those offered by High Definition Golf will meet – and go far beyond – your expectations.

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