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What is Hillstrike?

Hillstrike is the company behind the Snowtrike, an innovative new product designed to mimic the experience of downhill mountain biking on snowy slopes.

The concept was first put into action in 2011 when Hillstrike founder Matic Hribar designed the first prototype after toying around with the idea for years. A small team was quickly recruited to fine-tune the product to get it ready for the world to see.

The key behind Hillstrike’s success is the passion of its team. Each member brings a different skillset to the table while all of them have a love for mountain biking and the snow. The Snowtrike is a product they all swear by and use themselves – so you already know it’s good right from the get-go.

In fact, the Hillstrike team of test riders includes both BMX and downhill mountain biking champions. The input from these experts was essential at making the Snowtrike feel like a real bike despite the setting.

Since its inception just a few short years ago, Hillstrike has already had great success with their Snowtrike. It’s been adopted by bicycle fans around the world that want a means to have fun and practice their skills during the cold winter months.

Hillstrike has also set out to create an exciting culture behind their product. They don’t just want to sell to you, they want to ensure you have the most fun possible on their Snowtrike.

This marriage between company and community is rarely seen nowadays.

More Details

The Hillstrike Snowtrike is a stunning and beautiful machine. It’s clean, simple lines will catch the eye of everyone on the mountain.

The basic design of the Snowtrike is set up much like a BMX bike. It has a bike-like frame, handlebars, and seat. The key difference is that in place of wheels are three customized downhill skis.

The downhill skis are the only contact points with the snow. They’re designed not only for speed but also for easy carving. A lot of tinkering had to be done to ensure the skis were nimble enough for tight turns, long carves, and high jumps.

Speaking of high jumps – the Snowtrike utilizes ROCK SHOX suspension to absorb big impacts. The suspension is also tuned to soak up small bumps with ease. It’s the same suspension used on many mountain bikes.

The Snowtrike also features an innovative pedal system. Though the pedals don’t do anything to propel the bike forward, they give you superior grip on your downhill ride. Their parallel layout gives the bike a steady feel and makes carving more intuitive.

Every aspect of the Hillstrike Snowtrike has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb. All of the bike’s parts are sourced from world-class manufacturers. Many of the individual components are actually slightly customized versions of those found on high-end mountains bikes and BMX bikes around the world.

Perhaps the biggest goal in designing the Snowtrike was creating a product that’s easy enough for beginners to use but robust enough for expert riders. You can casually ride this thing down a mellow slope or blast big airs off large jumps.

Better yet, the Snowtrike can be tailored to fit your personal needs. A few quick adjustments ensure it’s perfect for whatever terrain you want to hit next. It doesn’t matter whether that’s the park, the slopes, or fresh powder.

Buy Hillstrike Products  

The Snowtrike is available for purchase on the Hillstrike website at Hillstrike.com. It currently runs for 1,900 £.

Hillstrike is currently holding a number of promo events, primarily in Slovenia, where those interested can test out the Snowtrike free of charge.


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