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What is Holodia Virtual Reality fitness?


You know you have to workout to stay fit and healthy, but with Holodia it doesn’t have to be boring. Holodia combines fitness with virtual reality (VR). Imagine biking through ancient Babylon or rowing around the rings of Saturn. With Holodia, virtual reality fitness can be fun and addicting. You’ll never want to stop.

The Holodia team of innovative designers includes developers and graphic artists. The headquarters and research and development department are located in Strasbourg, France.

This virtual reality fitness technology not only walks you through landmarks, but allows you access to planetary systems, real estate, imaginary worlds, or the ability to challenge your friends during a workout.

Real estate agents can use Holodia’s virtual reality technology to bridge the gap between prospective buyers and long-distance homes or hard-to-imagine building plans. Your buyers will enjoy the immersive visit with interactive 3D and a photorealistic format, according to Holodia.

Not only is the virtual reality technology going to be available for workouts, called Holofit, but Holodia is also launching Holomed. Holomed will benefit the therapeutic and medical fields, according to the Holodia website.

Due to its expertise in the medical field, Holodia is labeled as FrenchTech/MedTech and is a member of the PEP-R project with Strasbourg Rowing Club, Civil Hospital of Strasbourg, and the Paul Strauss Center. The PEP-R project members are patients with musculoskeletal conditions using various treatments and advising on the design of 19 research projects.

Holodia has made the news with the addition of their Holofit at Euro-Park. The amusement park installed Holofit at the Bell Rock Hotel gym for guests to enjoy. Holodia also attended Computex in Taipei and allowed Engadget to test Holofit. The high tech media company commented that Holofit will now enable them to entertain themselves while they row.

Whether you own a physical therapy center, gym, or are an individual fitness lover, Holodia has a virtual reality product for you.


More Details


The Holofit computer and VR headset with the audio headset immerses you into another world while you reach your fitness goals. The Holodia website features testimonies from clients testing Holofit.

You can read reviews from a Silver Olympic medalist, a VR engineer, and an exercise physiologist. Bertrand Vectan, the Silver Olympic medalist in Rowing at Atlanta in 1996, commented that Holofit is “an absolutely fantastic motivational tool to increase practice of indoor rowing.”

Dr. Anna Schlagowski, the exercise physiologist and a professional athlete, praised Holodia for its Holofit product stating, “This product immerses you in a fantastic environment, a universe that stimulates you to train with motivation and tenacity.”

Are you ready to take your training (or your clients’ training) to a new level? Are you prepared to challenge your friends on epic adventures?


Buy Holodia Products


Holofit and Holomed are available for preorder with shipping available worldwide. To learn more about the Holodia’s virtual reality technology and projects, you can visit the company’s website or submit the online form to receive contact from a representative to discuss pricing and place an order.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to learn about upcoming events and releases.

You can preorder the  Rower Pack that includes a Concept2 Rower, a Holofit computer, VR headset, audio headset, safety kit, and a hygiene kit and accessories.

The Holofit Base Pack will also be available and includes the Holofit computer, VR headset, audio headset, safety guide, and a hygiene kit and accessories.

To order, complete the pre-order demand form on the website and the sales team will contact you as soon as possible.



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