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What are Hydrofoils?

Are you a daredevil, in search of the latest and greatest thrill ride? Search no more – with the 50T Interceptor from Hydrofoils Incorporated, you will virtually fly over the water in safety and comfort. The 50T provides a giant step forward in the design and technology of hydrofoil vessels.

At 50 feet long, the high performance boats are powered by twin 1840 hp marine gas turbine engines. As you ride, the main cabin sits above the water, which just about eliminates the wave impact you traditionally see with hull designs. In fact, at high speed, most of the boat is completely out of the water, so there’s almost no wake or water displacement. This allows the Interceptor to travel faster and with more fuel efficiency that other similar vessels.

You can use the Interceptor in a variety of roles – as a pleasure boat or as a defense, commuter or rescue craft with various capabilities.

It even includes 400 hp of electric power and retractable foils that let you operate the boat silently and easily when docking or maneuvering in close quarters.

More Details on Hydrofoil

The Interceptor will comfortably cruise at about 90 miles per hour, with a top speed that’s 20 percent faster than similar sized catamarans. Because the main cabin travels above the water, the ride is smooth and accurate – almost more like a high performance car than a boat. If luxury is your thing, the Interceptor has you covered, with a plush, luxurious interior.

Safety is paramount with the 50T. It will float fully awash and with the hatches open and exceeds all United States Coast Guard requirements. It’s also safer than other boats because its engines, fuel, air conditioning units and batteries (along with their noise, heat and dangers) are located outside the main hull (like an airplane) in modules that are interchangeable. Even obstacles are not a great concern – aft swept, shock-mounted foils can ride up and over even immovable objects.

The Interceptor’s hull is made from a carbon fiber epoxy (CFE) composite, while the foils and hardware are made from aluminum and stainless steel. The two gas turbine / electric hybrid engines give you 3600 hp for maximum cruising speed, and the proprietary drive system uses proven hardware accustomed to more than double the stress load under extreme racing conditions.

The boats include a galley with a sink (salt and fresh water), microwave and cooler, as well as a head (bathroom) with a sink, shower and wastewater treatment. Two twenty-five gallon tanks provide fresh water, and there are two marine reverse cycle (hot and cold) air conditioners and heaters.

A full electronics package includes computer navigation, radar, E-Charts, GPS, high speed compass, autopilot, depth finder, VHF marine radio, loud hailer fog /pa/intercom, horn, two cameras (useful for docking, entertaining, security and trip recording) and two flat screen LED displays. Several other electronics options are available as well. A complete entertainment package includes a state-of-the-art sound system with 12 speakers, and the two LED flat screen monitors are enabled to include DVDs and satellite TV. Other individual modifications and adjustments can be made according to each buyer’s specifications.

Buy Hydrofoils

Hydrofoil prices are not listed on the company’s site, but they do include a contact page for sales inquiries. Check in with the company to find out exact pricing and any individual specifications they may need from you. After you order your boat, the build time is approximately 12 months, so order soon!

If you are craving a new method to achieve the speed and thrills you’re looking for, look no more. Buy a Hydrofoil today!



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