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What are Barbecue Tables by iBBQ ?

It’s difficult to find outdoor furniture more beautiful than that from iBBQ.

The San Diego-based company has blossomed from a small start-up into one of the leading names in luxury barbecue tables in just a few short years.

iBBQ’s success stems from the passion of its founders. The team realized there was a serious lack of beautiful, yet functional and durable, outdoor furniture for barbeques and other outdoor events. So they set out to create their own.

The end result is the Angara outdoor luxury barbecue table. The best-selling product combines the functionality of Korean BBQ with upscale patio furniture aesthetics.

What sets the Angara apart from other outdoor dining tables is its built-in grill. Yes, you heard that right – the table comes with a grill included. And not just a grill, the Angara was constructed to hold three separate grills each with independently controlled gas and heat settings.

The entertainment possibilities this heralds are exciting. Those that entertain guests on a frequent basis will love that the three separately controlled grills give guests the option to enjoy cooking their favorite foods just how they like them cooked.

One of the best aspects of the Angara is that it doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to the beauty of its design. Despite the high functionality of the in-table grill, the table is as elegant and upscale as they come.

More Details About These Barbecue Tables

The Angara’s marriage of beauty and functionality is perfect thanks to iBBQ. It takes the art of grilling to unprecedented levels.

The 8-person outdoor dining table allows each guest to grill their food to their personal preferences. The three built-in grills are individually controlled so you your meal is cooked exactly how you like it.

Unlike a traditional barbeque, you can sit back, relax, and wait until your food is ready with the Angara since the grills are located in the middle of the table. When you’re done cooking, the grill can be switched to a heater setting to keep your guests warm and cozy as night sets.

In addition to its impressive functionality, the Angara outdoor table is also extremely well-made. It pairs hardy Iroko wood with high grade stainless steel for an exotic and stylish look.

The Angara comes with two equally beautiful benches. They’re also made of Iroko wood and stainless steel for the utmost in simple style and high performance. This is a piece of outdoor furniture that’s going to last you the rest of your life.

When it comes to the Angara outdoor table, it’s hard to pick which of its two main characteristics is best: its functionality or its design. What’s clear is that the table makes having outdoor gatherings with friends and family that much more fun.

You simply won’t want to stop entertaining once you have the Angara installed on your backyard patio. It will add a fresh breath of life to your next barbeque and all those that follow.

Buy iBBQ Products

The Angara outdoor luxury barbecue table isn’t cheap. The 8-seat Maximus model clocks in at $15,000 without the benches or tank enclosure. Add another $5,000 for a total of $20,000 for the table plus two benches and the tank enclosure.

The 6-seat Angara Maximus runs for $12,750. The smaller version of the table doesn’t come with benches or a tank enclosure. The benches can be purchased separately at $2,000 for the pair. The tank enclosure runs an extra $2,500.

Learn more about the Angara outdoor luxury barbecue table by visiting iBBQ at iBBQ.com. The product is currently only available online through their website. It’s not available in any retail stores.




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