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What are insahAR Hookahs?

insahAR are modern wooden hookahs that bring a very old tradition into the 21st century. Hookahs, also called water pipes, are single or multi-stemmed instruments used to vaporize and smoke flavored tobacco. The vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin (often glass-based) before it is inhaled by the user. insahAR hookahs are sleek and modern. The metal body of model 1.3 is easy to put together and take apart when you need to do so – this makes it convenient for transporting and makes it much easier to clean. Model 2.0 features a classic wooden vase covered in a silicone layer, which works perfectly to isolate the wood from the water. The metal coil that connects the head and the body of the pipe is placed in the opening of the wood. The insahAR cinder tongs are cut from rustproof steel by a laser. Original insahAR bowls for the hookahs are made from ceramic mud of a high quality and baked at 1,150 degrees Celsisus. This production process heats the bowl up evenly while you are smoking, which reduces the risk of over-burning your tobacco. The inside of the bowl is glazed to keep tobacco molasses from seeping into the bowl walls, and the bottom of the bowl bulges out to keep the tobacco molasses in the heated area. This feature prevents the tobacco from leaking into the body of the pipe. Thanks to these ingenious features, the stability of your tobacco taste in insured from your first draw to your last.

More Details

The head of the pipe includes a reverse vent that has a glass ball and four holes for hoses and blinders. Hoses for insahAR hookahs are put together with a combination of metal and silicone, which makes them very durable. They do not absorb smells and can easily be washed with water. A rustproof spring prevents the silicone hose from breaking up near the vase input, which would obstruct the draw of the smoke. Because the spring is hidden inside, it does not affect the style or look of the hose, which is an ingenious design. Hoses are 150 cm long and thanks to an end piece, old mouth tips can easily be switched out for clean, new, original tips. The hose2 in the Model 2.0 features an on-off system so when you are using two or more hoses, the “off” option keeps depression in the waterpipe. The distance between the wood and the head has also been optimized through testing. As an additional option, a removable diffuser disintegrates the air stream into tiny bubbles, making your draw smoother and decreasing the sound from the pipe to an absolute minimum. The diffuser is a great option for when you need to keep the noise level down, such as when you are watching a movie with friends. insahAR hookahs provide simple, clean design with great durability. If you want to jazz things up a bit, you can order a custom waterpipe to match your interior design. The company can engrave whatever design you prefer on the outside, whether it’s a pattern to match your home or your own logo that you have designed.

Buy insahAR Hookahs

insahAR hookahs are available for purchase worldwide through the company’s website. Prices range from $239 to about $650, depending on the model you decide to buy. If you are in the market for a modern, sophisticated hookah, you won’t do any better than insahAR. As an added bonus, they also offer free worldwide delivery no matter where you are located, so take advantage of this offer and buy one today!



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