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When you think of a docking station that produces beautiful music, you might not think of the world’s finest racecars. Take one look at the iXOOST, and that will change. iXOOST combines the elegance of racing equipment with the passion of a symphony to produce docking stations made from racecar exhaust pipes. The combination is surprising, but beautifully executed to produce a piece that will leave a lasting impression.

Made in Modena, Italy, home of legendary racecars, the iXOOST blends the famous Italian passion with unsurpassed craftsmanship. Just as the sound of a finely tuned engine is filled with vibrations and roars that cannot be imitated, a conductor can bring a similarly beautiful sound out of a full orchestra. When you see, touch and hear the iXOOST, you’ll be instantly aware of how your senses have all been heightened in preparation for the beautiful music that will flow.

As a famous Italian maestro once said of a 12-cylinder Ferrari engine, “(it is) a melody that no conductor would ever be able to reproduce.” That quote perhaps sums up the iXOOST – it is an unanticipated combination that produces an inimitable sound.

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All iXOOSTs are crafted from genuine exhaust manifolds. Their gleaming curves draw your eye as compact speakers mounted inside these actual tailpipes bring forth beautiful sounds. The F1 exhausts serve to boost your sound to be richer, fuller and more lifelike than you’ve ever heard. iXOOST connects with your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth or you can dock your phone directly on the station with a lightning connector.

iXOOST docking stations are available in several different models. The OTTO is an 8-cylinder version that comes in several configurations, while the XiLO incorporates a wood and aluminum chassis, and the Radial6 is inspired by the world of planes.

The Radial6 uses aeronautical elements, including nose, cone, cylinders and flaps, to create a docking station that looks as if it might take off itself. The front of the Radial6 is inspired by old radial plane engines, and the central nose cone is carved from a solid block. Several circular speakers surround the nose cone, and the supporting blade is also carved out of a solid block. The station is a mechanical marvel unto itself – all cabling runs through the inside of the block to eliminate unsightly extras. The crankcase of the back woofer also imitates a real plane engine.

iXOOST models include an iXOOST audio suite app for your phone to enhance your listening experience. The app lets you pick your dock model and select your audio player. It also includes an engine sounds library, volume and EQ controls, a VU engine meter and Bluetooth settings.


You can buy the various iXOOST models straight from the product website. A great deal of customization is available. You can choose from among available manifolds and then configure other options to your specifications. These options include a choice of metals for the docking station as well as colors for various parts of the station, including rings at the end of the manifold pipes – vibrant colors stand out well against the chrome of the pipes.

Prices start at 5,000 Euros (about $5,500) for the XiLO, 6,500 Euros (about $7,200) for the OTTO and 8,000 Euros ($8,900) for the Radial6. Different manifold configurations as well as accessories such as engraved plates, dock covers and extension cables will add to the price.

A iXOOST docking station is a fantastic piece of equipment that evokes classic racing elements while also playing top-of-the-line sound in a unique package. Find more information on the iXOOST website today.



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