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Jetovator Watercraft


  Jetovator Offers a New Approach to Water Sports

Owning a Jetovator watercraft gives you ample opportunities to explore lakes and shorelines freely.  You can take your water adventures to the air. This is an innovative vehicle that draws power from your jet ski’s motor, will have you flying above the water in an impressive display that will leave bystanders awestruck.

Technology behind the Jetovator Watercraft Experience

The watercraft has an interesting design that connects to your personal watercraft. A large hose takes water expelled by a jet ski’s engine to create upward thrust. This pushes you above the water so you can fly up to 5 feet in the air.

The watercraft has a large nozzle that directs water downward, pushing the rider into the air. It also has two smaller nozzles that the rider can use to control direction. After a little experience, you will have complete control over where the Jetovator takes you. You just have to control the height and direction. It does all of the heavy lifting for you.

Having Fun with the Jetovator

The Jetovator might look a little intimidating at first. It doesn’t take long to gain confidence, though. A skilled rider can perform a wide range of tricks that include brief underwater plunges. The vehicle can reach 25 mpg, which feels quite thrilling when you’re 25 feet above the water.

Many companies rent the equipment to tourists. These rental companies often have long waits for the Jetovator. Once seen in action, few people can resist the urge to give it a try.

Engineers have developed numerous safety features to protect riders on the Jetovator. Still, the Jetovator presents some risks, especially to inexperienced riders. The manufacturer recommends that every owner takes a one-hour course from an approved trainer. If you buy your Jetovator from a local dealer, ask them for information about training. All dealers are required to have at least one trainer on staff.

Over time, you will learn how to control every aspect so that you can become a freestyle expert. It’s still a blast well before you develop those skills, though.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Jetovator

Remember that the Jetovator does not have its own power source. It requires a personal watercraft that offers at least 130 horsepower. If you don’t already have a PWC, consider buying one before you commit to this luxury water toy.

It’s also important to remember that the water toy is not a solo vehicle. You need two people to use it properly. One person sits on the PWC while the other rides above the water. Without someone operating the PWC, you can’t get power. Even if you could, you’d be stuck in a small area. When two people head out on the water, they can travel longer distances. The Jetovator can lead the way or follow the PWC as you traverse unexplored areas of the shoreline.

Buying a Jetovator watercraft

This is a luxury toy for adventurous types. When buying your own, you should consider whether you want to add extra options that will enhance your experience. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Stunt hose swivel that lets you perform more tricks that include flipping and twisting.
  • Suspension landing gear that enables you to take off from and land on a dock or boat deck.
  • Landing board that lets you skim the water’s surface.
  • Double impeller that effectively adds 30 hp to your PWC while reducing fuel consumption.

This is one of the best toys a big boy can dream of.  You can experience water sports in a whole new way.



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