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Jetpack America

Experience the wonders of jetpack flight :

Every man who read comic books or loved superhero movies as a child dreams of using jetpacks to fly through the air. Now that you’ve grown up, you can make that dream come true with a little help from the professionals at Jetpack America.

How Jetpacks Work

Their jetpacks get their power from jet skis. The jetpacks hook up to jet skis that send powerful streams of water through a flexible hose. When the water reaches the jetpack, it exits the bottom with so much force that it lifts you out of the water.

Rentals and Memberships

They have locations in San Diego, Newport Beach, and Las Vegas. The company offers sales and rental services. If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a jetpack of your own, you can test Jetpack America’s products for as little as $79.

If you live near one of Jetpack America’s locations, you may also want to sign up for a monthly membership. A Silver Membership, which includes instructions from a jetpack pro and 20 minutes of flight time every month, costs just $69 per month. A Gold Membership ($89 per month) gives you 30 minutes of flight time, access to Jetpack America VIP events, and a 50% off coupon for guests. The Platinum Membership ($149 per month) gives you everything from the Gold Membership, plus an extra 10 minutes of flight time and a monthly coupon that lets a friend fly for free.

All of the memberships let you work towards pilot certification. Once you earn certification, you can fly on your own without supervision or a walkie-talkie helmet.

Check out Hydroflight Training Academy – Jetpack America for training.

Buying a Jetpack From Jetpack America

The company uses jetpacks daily, so the people there know the advantages of choosing jetpacks and similar devices made of high-quality materials. The company sells two adventurous products: X-Jetpack NX and X-Jets Jetblade.

The NX X-Jetpack comes with plenty of features that can keep you safe while you enjoy a thrilling ride. Some of the most noteworthy features include:

  • A lengthened hose that gives you a flight ceiling over 50 feet high
  • A six-point harness system that protects your crotch and makes it easy for you to retrieve items from your pack
  • An infinite-swivel hose connector that lets you perform advanced maneuvers and spins without getting the cord tangled

The X-Jets Jetblade mounts on your feet instead of your back. Some people compare it to the platform that Green Goblin uses in the Spider-Man movies. While not technically a jetpack, it offers a unique experience that’s a lot of fun. It comes with:

  • An X-Hydro Channel hose that you can use with practically any of X-Jetpack’s products
  • An adjustable stance so you can stand comfortably with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Floatation cells that keep you stable in the water before takeoff

The X-Jetpack NX costs $8,595 plus shipping, which is usually between $750 and $1,250, depending on the shipping distance. The Jetblade costs $5,995 plus shipping, which usually costs between $500 and $900 because of its smaller size and lighter weight.

Owners will need their own jet skits to power their pack. Jet skis are not included with the purchase of either product.

An Amazing Adventure Above the Water

Whether you choose to visit one of their locations or purchase one of the company’s reliable packs, prepare yourself for an amazing adventure that takes you far above the water. There aren’t many companies that offer these services and products. It’s a truly unique experience that lets you live out a childhood fantasy.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy such a thrilling adventure.

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