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Who is Juan Garcia Mansilla?

Juan Garcia Mansilla wears many hats. During the day, the senior designer works with BCK, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company produces innovative products based on clever ideas and makes them come to life. Mansilla is a professor as well at the University of Buenos Aires, choosing to teach others about design.

He also works with Imaginactive.org as a Design Consultant. Imaginactive is a nonprofit founded in 2013 to influence future generations in regards to mobility. The organization was created by Charles Bombardier, who worked with designers to create more than 200 vehicle concepts.

The Bombardier family history in the mobility industry goes back to the 1930s and is a notable name with designers.

Mansilla continues Bombardier’s work as a consultant, however his imagination has led him to work with Concept Design. According to Mansilla, he works within the boundaries of the real world with his problem-solving abilities and feasibility constraints, but he can also step outside those constraints.

Outside of the real world, Mansilla conceptualizes plausible ideas and creates unique works of art.

The Industrial Design graduate from the University of Buenos Aires (2012) now combines his love for design and meeting clients’ needs with his passion for conceptual design and art.


More Details

Juan Garcia Mansilla’s portfolio includes his graduation from the University of Buenos Aires in 2012 after studying Industrial Design.

He worked at Tridimage on the industrial design team. The Tridimage team works with 3D branding and packaging which is the structural and graphic design for a product.

He is the senior designer for BCK. Such brands that have used BCK include Agro King, Electrolux, Caiman, Marine Sur, King Composite, CNEA, and P&G.

He still works with the nonprofit Imaginactive.org inspiring others to create future mobility designs.

He also teaches at the University of Buenos Aires as a professor and freelances in Concept Design.

According to Mansilla’s portfolio, his workflow includes 3D Modeling with Rhinoceros; Rendering and Animation with Bunkspeed PRO and Luxion Keyshot; and Post Production Projects with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator.

One concept design project that Juan Garcia Mansilla worked on was the Paspartu concept in collaboration with Charles Bombardier. Bombardier’s uncle, Germain Bombardier, developed an amphibious carrier during the 1960’s.

Charles Bombardier and Mansilla teamed up to design and build an adaptable and eco-friendly amphibious ATV. This ATV would be able to adjust its tire width and air pressure to avoid destroying fauna and flora in an area.

By adjusting their tires when needed, the riders in the vehicle essentially reduce their surface pressure and are quieter. The concept includes giving the riders the ability to adjust the tire width and air pressure for individual tires and be able to cross various types of land, including mud.

The thought is that the Paspartu will be useful in various terrains for exploration. Bombardier believes that experts such as explorers, scientists, hunters, surveyors, and land owners could benefit from the Paspartu vehicle.

Mansilla is also credited for the design of the Canopi tree-crossing vehicle and the Trident jet boat concept. The Canopi crosses the tops of trees so scientists can conduct necessary canopy biology without destroying the forest or leaving an impact.

The Trident is a jet drive boat that does not emit CO2, but creates and burns hydrogen, making it another eco-friendly concept.


Contacting Juan Garcia Mansilla

You can view Juan Garcia Mansilla’s portfolio on his website, including photos of a snowmobile concept, the Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle (RDSV). His contact information is located on his website with his email address and social media icons.


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