JP Razors

JP Razors

RB-No5 Limited Edition Titanium Razor


Razors are a staple in every man’s bathroom. They’re one of the most practical items a man could buy, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury for practicality.

Two friends who wanted to change the way people think about shaving created JP Razors. You won’t be finding the razors they’re selling at your local drug store. They know that elegance and style is important in all walks of life – why should shaving be any different?

The founders of JP Razors are well-versed in their shaving history. They’ve studied the history and created a line that pays homage to those that came before while staying wholly unique. JP set out to reinvent the shaving experience by bringing enjoyment to an otherwise tedious part of male grooming.


Who Are They?

JP Razors is different than your traditional razor company. Their focus is on style and quality instead of cheap plastic razors that only serve to get the job done.

The company is based out of the United Kingdom which is evident in the style of these designs. JP Razors partnered with Racing Gold – a company known for creating art out of repurposed Formula 1 car components.

The luxury lifestyle brand Lancelot Lancaster White is another partner in the JP  venture. This partnership helps to bring the JP Razors brand to the target audience of men who are looking for a unique and elegant way to shave.


What’s Different?

The razors sold by JP razors are classically inspired and expertly crafted. They make their razors out of rare and unique materials, meaning most editions are limited. This isn’t some mass-produced product that everyone is going to have. It’s important to act quickly with JP Razors, as their creativity is fluid and it’s possible to miss out on a style you were eyeing.

One look at the JP shop and you’ll see what sets this company apart from others in the shaving industry. They are functional works of art. Some of the current designs are made from repurposed racecar parts including Aston Martin wheels and RBR-F1 components. Flat razors are also available for those who want to get back to the classic roots of the shaving experience.

Shaving is often an annoyance in a man’s routine. Some men will even grow a beard to limit the amount of time they spend shaving in a given week. We are trying to change that by giving men a piece of art with which to shave their face.


Purchasing Information

A variety of handle designs is currently available on the JP Razors website and other authorized agents. Their stock is always changing as the team gets new ideas, so if a razor catches your eye, it’s best to act quickly. Unique and evolving designs are the allure of JP Razors. You can be sure that your selected razor will be unique because new batches of designs are always on their way.

The prices of the razors vary depending on the material and the style. They sit in the £1,000 range but can cost upwards of £20,000 with the right accessories.

The razors take anywhere from a few days to a few months to ship. In-stock limited editions are the quickest, taking only 2-3 days to ship. Personalized razors take a week or two, and Bespoke Razors take up to eight weeks. The longest delivery time belongs to the Bespoke Flat Razor, which can take up to twelve weeks to ship. Quality takes time, and JP Razors doesn’t cut corners.

If you’re bored with your shaving experience or want to find out what it’s like to shave with a piece of art; look no further than JP Razors.


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