luxury vehicle by Kahn Design a red and black Bugatti

Kahn Design Luxury Vehicle

What are Kahn Design Products?

Kahn Design is the vision and brainchild of Afzal Kahn, who from the very beginning wanted to convey a timeless, classic style that reflected European style along with individuality and quality. Kahn Design eschews mass-manufactured products for bespoke items that combine boldness with elegance and contemporary technology with traditional craftsmanship.

You could call Kahn Design one of Europe’s leading luxury vehicle fashion houses. Their main products for the public are custom automobiles and custom timepieces, including watches and clocks. To produce some of the world’s most accomplished supercars and custom vehicles, along with stylish, precise timepieces, Kahn employs a creative team that includes product designers, 3D modelers, clay sculptors, graphic artists, and technical engineers. They spend thousands of hours carrying out Kahn’s product concepts, which are designed to make a statement themselves.

Kahn Automobiles

All of their products come from the most prestigious luxury vehicle manufacturers. Kahn’s personalization program – they offer a range of custom interior fabrics, original wheel designs, and styling kits – creates an outstanding integration of luxury, style, and performance.

Luxury Vehicle

Luxury Edition (LE) vehicles from Kahn are designed to surround the owner with overwhelming luxury. Kahn models feature a new dynamic bumper design that sets their drivers exclusively apart, along with the floating vent design of their new Black Label grille.

The RS is Kahn’s performance-oriented series, which is designed first with driving in mind. These vehicles impart tactile pleasure that builds a sensory appreciation of the whole driving experience. Each car is personalized to the tastes of its individual drivers, so the vehicles are tailored perfectly to the lifestyle and personality of the individual.

An increasing number of customers are also beginning to follow the same process with classic vehicles. Kahn uses a high level of dedication and expertise to find the best luxury vehicle for customization. Skilled designers and engineers then create a sophisticated look from those classic vehicles.

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Kahn Watches

Since time began, men have tried to record its passing with style and precision. Kahn Clocks and Watches continues that pursuit by creating their own place in this great tradition. Their elegant line of watches is designed in Great Britain and manufactured in Switzerland, the traditional home of precision timepieces. Kahn clocks are designed just as well and are built to the same rigorous and exacting standards applied to all Kahn products. All eleven watch models feature a classic, vintage look that any man would be proud to wear on his wrist.

Buy Kahn Design Products

While you cannot buy Kahn automobiles online, you can get a good look at potential purchases on the company’s website. Contact information for the company is listed on the site, and if you are in the London area, Kahn Automobiles operates prestige showrooms in Bradford, Chelsea, and Leeds.

Most Kahn watches are in the 300-pound range ($457), although the vintage options can reach up to 2,000 pounds ($3,048). To purchase a fine Kahn watch, contact the company through the information given on the website.

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