Ripsaw Catfish, Butter Fly Koi, and Regular Koi’s (For Sale!)

Koi And Cats

The underwater world is adorned by fascinating aquatic creatures, notably the graceful koi and the enigmatic catfish. Ripsaw Catfish, known for their serrated appearance resembling a rippling saw, are a mesmerizing sight in any aquatic setting. Their distinctive look and peaceful demeanor make them a prized addition to aquariums. In contrast, Butter Fly Koi, with their vibrant and diverse color patterns resembling the delicate strokes of a painter’s brush, bring an artistic allure to any pond. Traditional Regular Koi, revered for their elegant beauty and symbolism in Japanese culture, continue to captivate enthusiasts with their ornamental grace and serenity.

I offer a unique opportunity for the right person.

Koi and Cat Journey

2010 I started a new community of Koi and cats in my 2000 gal Pond located in Palm Beach Fl.

The first video shows their size and is time-stamped.  Over the years I fed them a very expensive Koi food from Japan, $50 a bag, 2 2-week supply.

They have endured 13 winters and are all super healthy.  10 Koi 5 are butterflies.

The RIPSAW cat loves Koi food hand-fed, and turned into a monster.

They have outgrown my pond, especially CAT, the Ripsaw.

You have a rare opportunity to own a super rare creature, the cat, and bypass flying in 10 gorgeous Koi from Japan.  Again Florida raised super hardy.

Whether you own a big pond, casino, restaurant, hotel, or theme park, you have a perfect opportunity.

Hard to set a price and I want to sell them all and start over, will sell Cat alone, getting way too big 3-4 feet.

Koi and Cat

Butterfly Koi $15,000 each
Regular Koi $10,000
Rip Saw cat $25,000

I’m open to negotiation but try to go out and find the same in the US.

You can buy them and will hold them till you’re ready.

561-239-0364 John Fischer.

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