Lancelot Lancaster White

Poker accessories by Lancelot Lancaster White on a poker table

Lancelot Lancaster White

Lancelot Lancaster White

Lancelot Lancaster White dubs itself the epitome of luxury. Their brand offers unique gifts for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Lancelot Lancaster White has everything from bespoke kitchens to hand-crafted poker boxes. The products under the brand’s umbrella are guaranteed to be authentic and one-of-a-kind whether you’re giving a gift to a friend or simply treating yourself.


Mysterio Luxury Poker Box

The Mysterio Luxury Poker Box is a one of a kind home for your poker set. Each box is handcrafted and unique, blending a sleek modern look with the classic elements that give the box authenticity. They are fitted with a traditional Bramah lock and a secret compartment under the sterling silver plate. All orders contain two distinct sets of cards and bespoke poker chips.

The Mysterio Poker Box is ideal for any fan of the game. It’s worth having whether you play in tournaments or get together with friends for a weekly poker night.

Enquire on the Lancelot Lancaster White website for availability and pricing details.


Wave Presidential Chair

The Wave Presidential Chair is described as the Bentley GT of leather seating. The beauty of the chair is unmatched and only outdone by its function.

The artistry of the craftsmanship should not be understated, but the greatest feature of this chair is its comfort. The Wave Presidential Chair is not just part of the scenery of a room. It offers a stable base and unmatched support – complete with a gas lift and tilting mechanism.

Visit the Lancelot Lancaster White website for inquiries about purchasing your own. Each product is unique and made to order, which means it may take several weeks to complete.


RB-No5 Titanium Razor

The folks over at JP Razors specialize in creating unique works or art out of a male grooming staple. The Rb-No5 razor is one of only five in the world, meaning it is the epitome of exclusivity.

This item is perfect for racing fans who want to shave with a piece of history. Racing Gold created this razor out of re-crafted parts of a Formula 1 racecar.

The functionality of the razor is also unmatched, as the titanium handle promotes hygiene and prevents corrosion. You can purchase your piece of racing history at the JP Razors website for around £2,000.


Racing Gold

Racing Gold is another company under the Lancelot Lancaster White umbrella that supplies racing fans with an eye for art. Each piece is uniquely crafted out of Formula 1 car parts that provide breathtaking aesthetics and function.

Racing Gold allows customers to pick their components and choose their design. The work ranges from practical uses such as salt and pepper shakers to awe-inspiring artistic creations.

Visit the Racing Gold website to find out more about their Formula 1 artwork and create your personalized piece of racing history.


Esprit de Vitesse – Razor & Mirror

The Esprit de Vitesse (Spirit of Speed) is another piece of racing history for those who want to revolutionize their shaving experience altogether. The quality titanium razor comes with a one-of-a-kind mirror that is perfect for those who are passionate about racing history.

Authentic parts of a Grand Prix racecar were repurposed to create this mirror. 25 karats crushed diamonds, 80 rubies, 16 sapphires, silver sparks and baubles compliment the piece. The exterior is finished with diamond lacquer and coated in 18 karat gold.

This mirror and razor combo is available on the JP Razors website starting at £24,000.


Red Bull Racing – Table Lamp

The Red Bull Racing Table Lamp is another beautifully useful piece by Racing Gold. The base of each lamp is crafted from Formula 1 Red Bull Racing cars. The components represent success in racing and life.

Each lamp is numbered and certified for authenticity. The touch sensitive lights are available in two sizes and provide the ideal gift for a Grand Prix racing historian.

Visit the Racing Gold or Lancelot Lancaster White website to find out more about this unique lamp or to personalize your very own.

The products on the Lancelot Lancaster White site offer an unmatched combination of style and function. They make outstanding gifts for die hard racing


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