Letrons Transformers shows a red transformer in a warehouse


Letrons Transformers

What are Letrons Transformers?

Letrons is a startup that began modding BMW cars into, you got it, full-sized Letrons Transformers. The result is a highly interactive animatronic that resembles the creatures from the hit science-fiction movie of the same name. While the company plans to commercialize the process, adding more features, current Letrons’ Transformers are custom made and come loaded with features.

Letvision founded in 2009, is a proven R&D company specializing in “multi-touch solutions.” They provide reliable and innovative products and services in the technology field. It has been registered company, receiving support and financing through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Turkey and has developed 14 prototypes in the technology space.

Letvision has developed a partnership with some of the world’s foremost tech companies like INTEL and Microsoft. They seek to bring their innovative products to the consumer marketplace by effectively integrating and engineering hardware and software, creating products that offer high levels of visual richness. The company is aiming to bring a sensitive and responsive touch experience to their Letrons product line as well.

The first prototype Letrons’ Transformer was created in Turkey, in just eight months from conceptualization to completion. The team working on the product consisted of 12 engineers and a crew of supporting technicians.

More Details

The technology is cool. However, there are limitations that the company hopes to remedy with more funding. Currently, the cars can’t be driven, but rather are controlled remotely. Their prototype, ANTIMON can move, remotely while in “car mode” and fully transform into a humanoid type robot. In this form, it can move his head and arms, flex its hands, and for a wow factor, it can shoot fog from its kneecaps. The car can’t walk around either. However, it can talk and communicate thanks to the company’s AI tech.

Other features include a control center with a 35.000 N primary hydraulic cylinder system and spine structure with additional hydraulics. This allows for the fastest and smoothest transformations.

The Letrons are also equipped with 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps data transfer WiFi and even better coverage using a 5 dBi antenna.

Camera integration allows for more human like integration and allows the performance of speech and movement together in real-time. The led-based “dynamic eye” and variable lighting spectrum allow for stunning and highly-visual effects.

Each animatronic Transformer also comes loaded with a state-of-the-art sound system. Enriched with sound-sensitive environmental factors integrated.

The company’s website indicates that any model of car can be utilized to create a Transformer and that driving the car may be possible in the future, due to the powerful electronic engine.

Buy Letrons Products

There is no pricing available, publicly but according to the website www.letrons.com, they are for sale. Currently, they have five models ready. The site indicates that arrangements for purchase can be made if the buyer’s usage scenario is in alignment with the maker’s.


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