1930s Art Deco Ticket Booth

1930s Art Deco Ticket Booth
1930s Art Deco Ticket Booth

Art Deco Theater Ticket Booth/Bar
1930s – American Manufactured Antique

Rescued from an aging theater location and restored, this unique Art Deco booth has spent the last few years in a Hollywood prop house, and has been featured in many period films. It can make a terrific home theater bar or display. The sides are stainless steel, and show signs of period age. The upper portion of decorative elements are molded and painted fiberglass. The interior is nicely finished and lit. These booths are quite rare to find on the marketplace, as most have been destroyed or preserved in place.

Condition: Minor creasing in stainless steel areas.
 6’4″ H x 6’6″ W x 5″ L


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1930s Art Deco Ticket Booth

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