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57-Key L. Hooghuys Band Organ
57-Key L. Hooghuys Band Organ For Sale in Sun Valley CA USA

L.Hooghuys 57-key Band Organ

One of only four 57-key L. Hooghuy known to exist. This is the only one in the USA.
Includes lots of original music with many new books factory cut by Marc Hooghuys. One of the most raucous organs ever made – this is a real show stopper everywhere it goes. Restored in the 1980s.

1922 Spillman Engineering Menagerie Carousel
1922 Spillman Engineering Menagerie Carousel For Sale in Sun Valley CA USA

This historic 1922 carousel is a beautiful antique machine, with 38 animals as well as a spinning “lover’s” tub, a chariot, and some rare factory options. This may be the only carousel with these options in the world!

In addition to the Spillman Eng. spinning “lovers” tub, there are 2 rows of special animals, including small jumping horses for the very young. These animals are in rows of 4 horses, only half the size of the full-size horses, and they only jump half as high as the normal animals.

The carousel has a 40-foot diameter platform and is restored and ready for immediate indoor installation. The beautiful trim art, rounding boards and center panels, the lights and signage complete this machine, brought back to the glory of the early 1920s when it was built.

PTC Carousel #72
PTC Carousel #72
PTC Carousel #72 For Sale in Sun Valley CA USA

Philadelphia Toboggan Company PTC #72 Rare 1925 “Signature” PTC Carousel

3-Rows • 48 Horses and Two Chariots

Built in 1925, PTC carousel #72 carried the nickname “Philtobco”. The nicknames given to machines at the factory presumably distinguished them by style in addition to their numbers for chronology. Although there is nothing specific in the PTC archives to tell us why this one machine was loaded with 16 signature figures, the machine’s nickname of “Philtobco” is certainly fitting as this is certainly a signature carousel.

PTC Carousel #28
PTC Carousel #28
PTC Carousel #28 For Sale in Sun Valley CA USA

Currently in storage

Philadelphia Toboggan Company shows 87 numbered carousels on record. Approximately 12 of those machines were known to be returned to the shop, re-configured, and sent back out with new numbers, so in actuality, PTC carved about 75 machines.Approximately 33 of these machines remain operating today or in known storage. It is thought that PTC may
have carved as many as eight portable machines, though only three of these are known of today.

The only PTC portable that you can currently ride is the 1917 PTC #45 at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, WA. The second portable known to exist in modern times is #34 which was broken up and sold at auction in 1986. The last remaining portable is PTC #28, built in 1914, which goes up for auction on Feb. 12 in Orlando, FL.

According to auctioneer Dave Norton, 40 of the 42 original horses will be part of the auction when the machine sells as a complete unit. There will be no bidding on individual figures.

PTC records show that the Strates Shows acquired the machine for their traveling carnival in 1946. James Strates, now 78, recalls the machine as a kid, so Strates may have owned the ride longer. The portable merrygo-round, with its factory wagon mounted center pole, traveled the Eastern Seaboard with the Strates Shows for over four decades finally being replaced by a modern double-decker machine in 1988 The machine has been in storage at Strates’ Florida home base ever since. At some point in time, the intricately-carved wooden horses were coated in fiberglass to protect them from the wear and tear of the traveling carnival. PTC #28 AT THE STRATES SHOWS PTC #28, shown above and below, with the traveling Strates Shows in the 1940s and 1950s.

Children’s Carousel Circa 1920
Children’s Carousel Circa 1920 For Sale in Sun Valley CA USA

Circa 1920 Allan Herschell Kiddie Carousel

Fully Restored With Custom Menagerie
Historic Replica Carvings
2 Row • 20 Animals, 2 Chariots

Illions and Heyn-style horses, Bayol-replica rabbits and donkeys, Heyn replica zebras and Devos-style cow make up the “best of” kiddie menagerie.
PORTABLE: 20′ Diameter Platform – 3/4″ solid oak floor
The center pole and all other mechanics are trailer mounted

Steel and cast iron fencing with solid brass half-round railing on each fencing panel.

Booth also included.

1920 PTC Carousel #53
1920 PTC Carousel #53
PTC Carousel #53 For Sale in Sun Valley CA USA

1920 Philadelphia Toboggan Company, PTC #53

4-Row Carousel with 68 horses

Currently in storage – Ready for restoration.

This huge four-row, all horse carousel first operated in Rittersville, PA, from 1020-1950 at Central Park. From there the historic carousel moved to Tampa, Florida, where it was the center of attention at the Super Test Oil Company gas station and roadside amusement attraction. The 53rd carousel built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, this merry-go-round has 68 horses jumping and standing and two chariots on a large four-row platform, all surrounded by detailed and artful trim from the inside out.

1990 Barrango Menagerie Carousel
1990 Barrango Menagerie Carousel For Sale in Sun Valley CA United States

Barrango 2-Row Deluxe Menagerie Carousel

22 Animals – 20 Jumpers • 1 Chariot
32′ Diameter Platform • Wood Floor
Deluxe Ceiling, Housing & Trim

Jumpers ––
12 Horses – • 2 Cats
2 Rabbits • 2 Ostriches

Stationary ––
2 Giraffes • 1 Chariot
1990. Used. Great Condition.