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basketball by literally balling a stained glass back drop

Literally Balling Backboards


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What is Literally Balling?

Think of two wildly different disciplines that you would never imagine combining. Sometimes, ideas are so outlandish that that just might be genius. Such is the case with Literally Balling, a company started to combine the art of stained glass with the sport of basketball by creating stained glass basketball backboards.

The idea of stained glass basketball backboards started as joke, but something about the pieces tapped into a cultural niche and Literally Balling was born. These pieces explore the aesthetic joining of historically opulent displays of high class art (stained glass) with our modern day “kings of the court” – professional basketball players.

These professional athletes are paid millions of dollars, so these backboards bridge the gap between the luxury lifestyle these athletes live and their chosen sport.

Created by a San Francisco filmmaker named Victor Solomon, the backboards are becoming popular. They started as an offhand joke, but “the more I worked on it, the more I found a convergence of philosophy between basketball and stained glass. Both require exquisite precision in execution and devotion,” he said.

More Details

Three different designs of stained glass basketball backboards are currently available. Each design makes spectacular use of light, color and shapes to create stunning pieces. The gold chain nets add just the right touch of medieval architectural authority to take the piece to the next level.

Each new design represents more than 100 hours of precision labor, including design work, shaping and cutting the glass, meticulous soldering, gold-plating the rim, hand weaving the customized net, fabricating the frame and mounting it.

Each detail is meticulously checked and double checked to ensure the highest quality product is available. In one model, hanging jewels replace the woven basketball net.

To make the stained glass basketball backboards, Solomon prints out a full-sized blueprint (52 inches by 32 inches) and isolates each piece of the design as a pattern he can use to cut the glass around. He then hand cuts every single piece of glass to fit the exact pattern. Once the pieces are each cut to the pattern’s specifications, they are assembled together, offering a preview of what the finished piece will look like. Each piece of glass is then wrapped in copper foil so it can be soldered together to provide the finished work of art. After the soldering, the backboard is also patinaed and hung in the sun to make sure everything looks correct. Later, the rim is mounted to the backboard and the customized net – made of chains or jewels – is added.

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Solomon currently has three separate designs of his stained glass basketball backboards. The first backboard design features a blue, gray and red fleur-de-lis with gold sunbeams behind it and a gold chain net. The second backboard design displays maroon and tan stained glass, with a net made of hanging jewels. The third backboard design features a series of blue, gold, white and maroon geometric circles all across the backboard with a silver chain net.

Solomon is also available to create commissioned stained glass basketball pieces for organizations, companies and individuals (presumably including a few NBA players).

Prices for his the stained glass basketball backboard pieces are not listed on his website, but interested customers can fill out the contact form on the website to find out more information. With stained glass basketball backboards, Solomon has created a niche linking high art with high athletic achievement. These pieces evoke a sense of wonder at his ability to create them and at the ability of the athletes who use a backboard as part of their profession.



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