tiny house by tiny heirloom a small grey house in a field with green trees in the background

Could You Live in a Tiny House?

My husband and I saw a special on tiny house living recently and both of us agreed we could definitely live in a tiny house just not with each other!! We would have to have two tiny houses with a walkway between us. I love the idea of this type of luxury living, you get bored with the view, move on. If bad weather or a disaster should happen just hitch up my house and all its belongings and go somewhere safe. You could even make it into a man cave, guest house, office, mother-in-law house or glamping. No need to spend all that money on hotels just take your tiny home. There are infinite possibilities. If I were single I would not think twice about taking my tiny home to a lake in the boonies (told you I was country) and living a quiet peaceful life. Just think how much time you would have on your hands because you don’t have to constantly clean that 2 story, 3 bedroom and 5 bathroom house! People laugh when I call this luxury living, luxury is a state of mind just waking up in a beautiful setting and feeling less stress is a luxury to me!