Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle

What is Living Vehicle?

Living Vehicle is a unique concept geared towards more intentional living.

These low-impact campers are created from the ground-up with self-sustainability in mind. You can take them off-the-grid for several weeks (or more) at a time with nary a worry.

The idea was the culmination of Matthew Hofman’s dream of creating small, movable, self-sufficient homes. With this dream in mind plus over a decade of experience designing small spaces with modern features, Living Vehicle was born.

Though they’re available in a variety of different models and layouts, all Living Vehicles are created with family and pets in mind. Most of the campers sleep up to six individuals and come with the kitchen space needed to feed this many.

Not only are Living Vehicle campers designed for sleeping and eating, but they come with ample workspace and storage space as well.

Living Vehicle knows that every individual and family have different needs, so they strive to offer campers that meet all of these.


About Living Vehicle


Though most of the vehicles offered by Living Vehicle follow the same basic design elements, there is a lot you can do in terms of customizability.

The most basic feature, however, consist of the side door deck, bedroom, and rear accent wall. All the vehicles come with these basic features.

The side door deck, for instance, is a self-supporting deck that folds out of the side of the vehicle to offer even more living space.

Two models are available. Both support up to 1,000 pounds. They are free-standing with no type of supports required.

The first side door deck model is the clam shell. It’s roughly 8 feet wide by 3.5 feet deep with a roof to keep the elements away.

The second side door deck model is the extended deck. Though it doesn’t feature a roof, it is a little more spacious than the clam shell at approximately 8 feet wide by 6.5 feet deep.

In addition to the bedroom and rear accent wall, customers can also choose from a variety of interior packages that enable you to tailor the layout and color pattern of the interior to your individual preferences.

You can select a pre-set interior package or pick and choose from a variety of countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and upholstery for an even more personalized interior.


Buy a Living Vehicle


The vehicles created by Living Vehicle are not just about looks and performance, they’re also about environmental stewardship.

They’re created with environmentally-friendly materials for the smallest environmental impact and footprint overall. Furthermore, they utilize solar panel systems, huge 100-gallon freshwater tanks, and lithium ion batteries.

Each Living Vehicle offers roughly 200 square feet of living space plus the outdoor living space included on the fold-out deck.

Visit for more information on custom options as well as ordering info. Be sure to place your order now as available orders are quickly being filled up for 2018.





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