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What is Lopifit?

One of the most ingenious new devices geared towards exercise is the Lopifit.

A combination of a treadmill and an electric bicycle, Lopifit is unique to say the very least. So how did the idea for such a strange device come about?

It all started in a normal garage tucked away in a small village in Holland. Inside, Bruin Bergmeester was working out on his cross trainer. Noticing the nice weather outside, he wondered how he could bring his treadmill outdoors.

Realizing there was no current solution, he set about creating the first electric bicycle and treadmill hybrid. The result was the very first Lopifit.

The design of the bike has been fine-tuned and tailored since its creation. Despite a hefty price tag, it’s become one of the most popular new trends in the world of health and fitness.

In short, the bike revolutionizes the treadmill. It allows you to reap the same rewards of treadmill exercise without being stuck in a single place.

More Details

Take a treadmill and an electric bike, mash them together, and the result is the Lopifit.

Heralded by the company as “a totally new way of moving,” the bike is the perfect solution for those looking to spice up their tired exercise routine.

The contraption uses an electric assist to make movement outdoors easy. In other words, all you have to do is walk slowly on the treadmill surface to kick the auxiliary motor into action. Even at a slow walking pace, the electric assist brings the bike up to the speed of a traditional bicycle, allowing you to see even more scenery.

Like a treadmill, you walk on the surface of the Lopifit by pushing the tread back with your feet. Simply step onto the machine and start walking – the motor automatically recognizes that the machine is in use and starts up.

The walking motion isn’t the only way the Lopifit is powered. Each machine comes with a set of handlebars. These provide better balance as well as a brake and throttle. Hit the brake to slow down or shut the machine off.

The Lopifit also utilizes a freewheel function. It includes this to increase the overall safety of the machine. It’s particularly important when you’re riding the machine down a hill.

Of course, the electric bike is fun to ride and makes for a great workout, but it’s also great for the environment. Many people have turned to the device as a green way to commute to work while getting a quality workout.

Every single item is built from the highest quality components. Although only one model is currently available, this model comes in several color options.

Each comes with a handful of features that are worth mentioning. LED lighting, an electric-driven motor, and a handy luggage rack are the most important.

Another great thing about investing in Lopifit is the company’s commitment to their customers. They want you to be 100% happy with their products. If you ever need help with your bike, the company’s expert repair team will help get your problem sorted out in short order.

Buy Lopifit Products

Head online to Lopifit.com to check out the different electric bike options.

The electric bike is currently available in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The devices will soon be available throughout Europe as well as in India.

Though prices vary depending on location, they’re currently marked at 1799 Euros (plus shipping) on the company’s website.

Contact Lopifit directly for specific information on pricing.



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