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Luxury Carts

Premium Golf Carts?

Luxury Carts creates custom golf carts based on your favorite cars:

What’s one of the most well-known luxury toys around that wealthy people like to buy again and again? Yep, luxury golf carts. From sports cars to premium limos to classic collectibles to luxurious high-end models, cars have always been a dream of those hoping to strike it rich.

Now, those who have the cars can add a matching sidekick:  custom luxury golf carts designed exactly like your favorite luxury vehicle. A company called Luxury Carts, located in Utah, custom creates luxury body styles and bolts them to a club car chassis.

Various luxury golf cart models include the Royal Limo, the Off-Road, the Pickup, the Labenz, the F5, the Brooklyn, the ’56 Ford Pickup, the Boydster (a classic roadster), the H1 Hummer, the H2 Hummer, the Cadillac Escalade and coming soon, The Classic.

These carts are one-of-a-kind and can be used in a variety of different environments, including golf courses, gated communities, resorts, hotels, country clubs, and retirement communities.

Options for Ordering Your Luxury Carts

The luxury models listed above are standard offerings by Luxury if you can call such stellar pieces standard. The body kits are modified fiberglass body styles bolted directly to a Club Car chassis. Luxury Carts only uses Club Car chassis due to their excellent construction and all-aluminum frames.

While the company has many options available, if you do not see just what you are looking for, the company offers a “Made to Order” program in which they will build exactly what you want in the cart. This will be the custom cart of your dreams, but soon it won’t be a dream anymore – it will be a reality. Just send in the make and model – or your own design – of what you want to see, and the company will put together a design and a quote and get back to you.

Part of the fun of owning a luxury golf cart like this is decking it out with various options to make it your own. Options available on various models include hard tops, custom bucket seats, auxiliary outlets, cooler boxes, lift kits, decorative padded roll bars, off-road tires, golf bag holders, custom paint jobs, leather seats, turn signals, back seating, a carbon fiber dash, a bi-fold windshield and much more. Make your cart your own!

Most models come with either gas or electric engines and can be ordered with varying numbers of passenger seats. In the coming months, utility carts and multi-passenger vehicles will also be available for purchase.

Luxury Carts can also provide decal packages for carts you purchase or carts you already own. These can be decals of sports teams, associations, colleges, and more – just call for more details.

Buying the Golf Carts

Buying a Luxury Golf cart is not a decision to make lightly, although it is a fun way to spend money. Prices start at around $15,000 and run up to $26,000 and higher, depending on the model, the type of engine, and how many additional features you would like to add.

These luxury carts can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States by a trucking delivery service. Air freight is also available for rush orders, and international airline partners allow the company to ship their products anywhere in the world.

You have always wanted one of these luxury cars but for whatever reason haven’t been able to own one. Or maybe you do own one and just want a matching golf cart. Whatever the case, you can now own this spectacular toy in its own right – and enjoy years of fun and recreation.

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