luxury property in Breckenridge Colorado with beautiful mountains

Absolutely Breathtaking!!

We have a luxury property on Toys for Big Boys that is absolutely breathtaking, located in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Quite a few years ago a group of us went to Steamboat Springs, a hop skip and a jump to Breckenridge, to attend a wedding.    While everyone was out skiing with their luxury skis and snowboards, I opted for watching everyone from the comfort of the lodge drinking a hot apple tottie and laughing at the people falling (as long as they were not hurt).  Anyway, this luxury 1/2 acre property is located just 6 miles from Breckenridge, 12,000′ above sea level with unprecedented views that span over a hundred of miles.

Not only is the view beautiful but the town itself is something out of a  Norman Rockwell painting.    Breckenridge reminds me of the quaint little town I grew up in, Lambertville, NJ, what a great environment to raise your children or even to retire.    People just seem to be friendlier and happier living in smaller towns where everyday you see a familiar face and the shop owners are so courteous and glad you came.

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So, if you have had enough of the hustle and bustle of a large city try Breckenridge!