luxury water toy by solo ski machine features man skiing behind the solo on a body of water

No boat? No problem!

Have you ever gone water skiing with a luxury water toy?  I tried to once a long time ago.  We were on the Delaware River and my friend convinced me to get in that brown scummy water loaded with snakes and hang out in the water to be pulled up on this long piece of rope while he gunned the engine.  Well, not only was I complete fail in getting up but I received my first and last enema.  Oh, what fun I had!

One of my favorite luxury water toy on Toys for Big Boys is the Solo Personal Ski Machine.  You do not need to own a  large boat or rely on someone else to take you skiing.  Just throw the Solo on top of your roof or in the back of your SUV and away you go.  It is a product that allows you to hit the water by yourself without needing a driver to tow you. It can achieve 50 miles for each hour. The water-skier utilizes a thumb-worked control (appended to the tow handle), essentially empowering them to end up distinctly the skier, driver, and spotter all moved up into one.

The SOLO Personal Ski Machine is for pretty much anybody that enjoys waterskiing or wakeboarding. Despite the fact that it is not the best gadget to figure out how to waterski with, it is protected and a good time for riders without a great deal of involvement to utilize. In the meantime, it is sufficiently effective for master riders to get their fill of water-based adrenaline with. On the off chance that you jump at the chance to waterski alone or can’t frequently discover a companion to drive the watercraft, then the SOLO Personal Ski Machine is the perfect luxury water toy for you! Reach out and we will make sure you find the water craft of your dreams.