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What is Luxxu?

“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.” This quote from Buddha sums up what Luxxu is all about as a company. They offers a new lighting experience with a collection of lighting products designed to make your design dreams come true. Combining classic form and function with a sleek, modern attitude, Luxxu products are made from the finest materials available, including brass, glass and Swarovski crystal. Add these materials to rare handworking and a contemporary design, and you have something truly special.

Luxxu exists to create luxury lighting pieces that bring together traditional form and unique contemporary expression. These are more than just pieces of furniture or accessories, though – they are an intense experience. The detail on Luxxu merchandise is exquisite and highly decorative. The hand craftsmanship by highly qualified workers lends an aura of mystique and fashion that ups the elegance level to new heights.

Pieces that Luxxu is proud to create include modern lamps, chandeliers, pendants, wall lights and more. Over the next few years, the Portugal-based company aspires to become the standard in the luxury design and contemporary lighting market. This will make them the benchmark for quality and innovation worldwide as residents of the largest cities on the globe clamor for a just a small part of the Luxxu name.

Once people with luxury budgets see Luxxu products in great galleries around the world, word will spread and demand will grow.

More Details

Luxxu’s world embodies the characteristics of sophistication, exclusivity and elegant ambience. The luxury crowd appreciates the attention to detail, including classic and modern designs that show, among other things, the stunning beauty of Swarovski crystals. Every piece shows their passion for lighting design and reveals a unique heritage that is now put to good use in the contemporary world.

Luxxu’s chandeliers are magnificent, able to immediately transform any space into a stunning showpiece. Their wall lamps add the perfect note of light against dark, providing a romantic atmosphere for your home. Smaller chandeliers are also available; they portray major personality and fit well in more enclosed spaces.

One of the company’s main pieces, for example, is the Empire Chandelier, inspired by the architecture of the Empire State Building. Made of brass, gold plating and crystal glass, the piece is extravagant and full of modernity, able to change the space where it hangs into a breathtaking area. This natural décor piece creates an exclusive atmosphere that you and your guests cannot help but enjoy.

Another example piece is the Waterfall wall lamp, designed to represent a natural sensation of waterfalls. It is elegant and modern, built of gold-plated brass and handmade crystal glass tubes.

Because Luxxu pieces are so high-end, production time takes between 10 to 12 weeks for pieces from Luxxu collections. This does not include delivery time. If you need to customize a piece, Luxxu is completely capable of this – their pieces can be made to measure and you can ask for them to be created with various finishes if the standard finish does not work well for you.

Buy Luxxu Modern Lamps

Luxxu’s modern lamps, chandeliers, pendants, wall lights and other products are available through the company’s website. You can buy some products straight from the site, while for other products, you can request a catalog or fill out the contact form to ask for more information.

As you think about redesigning your current space (or creating an entirely new space), Luxxu Modern Lamps will add the extra touch of class that will vault your design to the next level.

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