man cave by The Bunkie in a field with trees

Man Cave or She Shed?

The Bunkie has to be one of my favorite products on Toys for Big Boys. I have it listed in our man cave category but it really should have it’s own she shed category, since she is going to be cleaning all the glass. I can just imagine coming home after a long day at work, grabbing a glass on wine and locking myself into The Bunkie and staring at the stars, listening to music and automatically unwinding. Since this site is generally aimed for men (for now), The Bunkie would be an ideal man cave, a place to get wild and crazy or perhaps just a quite game of pool,read a book, checking out the latest products on Toys for Big Boys or whatever you feel like doing away from the main house. It would even make the perfect guest house, the guests are not in the main house and you can see everything they are doing, within reason. When considering a man cave,The Bunkie should be a real contender