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Materia Bicycles with a loving couple on the sand

Materia Bikes

Materia Bicycles

Materia Bicycles for Classic Elegance

Ride in style with a timeless, notable, and perfect bike from Materia Bicycles. Their unique wooden frames are made to look good, ride well, and remain safe in all situations. This European brand makes bicycles designed for city use, racing, and with fixed gears. Materia Bikes asks, “Do you remember your first bike ride?”

Materia bicycles are for men and women. The men’s bicycles are popular among racing pros all the way to casual cruisers. The company sponsors cycling professionals throughout the world and is committed to social responsibility.


Safety and Functionality

Every Materia Bike is extensively tested in both computer simulations and a certified laboratory. Use your bike and ride with peace of mind knowing your wooden bike passed laboratory testing. It doesn’t make it to your hands unless it meets safety standards in their lab, the EFBE Pruftechnik.

Materia Bikes stands behind every bike and extends a five-year warranty on the wood frame. The exact geometry of every bike is available online. For example, the Road Bike Tempo comes with a head tube angle of 73 degrees and a seat tube angle of 74 degrees. Expect consistency and elegance from this brand.


Why Wooden Bikes?

The company is committed to wooden bikes for each product. This is because they believe wood is timeless, curved, and beautiful. Experience freedom with feelings, textures, and the real thing as a Materia Bike transports you.

Wood comes with natural characteristics to make it a superior bike frame product. Unlike other materials, wood can absorb vibration. It also is strong, has a higher strength to weight ratio, and is easy to shape as needed. Materia puts it best, “Wood and wheel. Wheel and wood. Wooden wheel. Out of the woods.”


Road Bike Tempo in Walnut

The Road Bike Tempo Ultegra works for road racers and cycling enthusiasts. This bike is also available in cherry. Materia Bikes promises you will not only get from A to B, but you’ll also experience what it is like to ride a fast, durable, and lightweight bicycle. Racing enthusiasts love this style.


City Bike Gusto in Redwood

Ride to work or run errands around town with the City Bike. Your bike looks fun, stylish, and luxurious as you navigate urban areas. The style and design of the bicycle were created to maximize comfort for city riding. Also, the wood frame absorbs vibration as you ride and fenders protect your bicycle. Simply put, this bike is the ultimate luxury in cycling. This bike is also available in ash and walnut.


Beach Cruiser Ambre in Ash

Enjoy the salt in your hair and the sand beneath your tires with the coolest beach cruiser on the shore. The Beach Cruiser Ambre in Ash is handcrafted for maximum enjoyment and safety. It comes with fenders on the body, as is traditional with beach cruisers. With a light body and tan tires, the whole bike is light in tone. This bike is also available in Redwood.


Pricing for Materia Bikes

This bike is a head turner! You get a one-of-a-kind piece backed by safety testing with a purchase from Materia Bikes. Pricing for products in the United States varies based on location but on the European website it starts at € 5000.


Their catalog is available online, and United States shoppers must first subscribe to access the online showroom. The online showroom shows you body styles, frame options, and other features. Never buy another bike once you’ve upgraded to the luxury of Materia Bikes.




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