Maximo Riera Animal Chair Collection

Animal Chairs by Maximoriero shows a green frog shaped chair with a black background

Maximo Riera Animal Chair Collection


Maximo Riera Animal Chair Collection


What are Maximo Riera Animal Chairs?

Looking for something different and unique, something that combines a love of wildlife with a love of eclectic pieces that lead to conversations every single time someone new comes across them? Look no further than the Animal Chair collection by artist Maximo Reira.

Animal Chairs are exactly what they sound like – highly fashionable chairs shaped like the animal they are named after. They are a striking combination of high-end sculpture and furniture. The animals are lifelike, biologically accurate and in some cases, life-sized.

Riera’s pieces pay tribute to the beauty found in the animal kingdom while also providing everyday functionality. His goal, he says, is to bring that awareness of beauty to ordinary objects. “Whilst considering the chair’s basic functionality, I also wanted to bring it alive, make it more present and create a stronger link between the spectator, the piece and the surrounding space,” he says.

Riera’s Animal Chair collection encompasses a variety of species, including mammals and reptiles. His sculptures bring out the animals’ natural vitality and helps other pay homage to them by bringing the animals much closer to spectators than would ever otherwise be achieved.

He has accomplished that mission with Animal Chairs. Here’s a look at available pieces by Maximo Riera:

More Details

Riera’s approach to the Animal Chair collection has evolved over the years, and he now brings a different, more realistic approach to his work. Where his older pieces emphasized black only, the newer pieces use more color and natural tones and bring a greater attention to detail.

New models include:

The Rhino Chair – Because of its large size, it is considered more of a throne than a chair. The Rhino reflects nature’s capacity and mightiness and the Rhino Chair is built to a superior scale to generate that magnificence for the viewer.

The Octopus Chair – The first piece of the Animal Chair collection, this elegant piece established a baseline of excellence for future pieces. The Octopus is as important to the chair as is the person sitting on it. To reflect the octopus’ physique, Riera used an internal frame to hold the structure.

The Walrus Chair – The Walrus was designed as the first chaise lounge of the collection, and perfectly resembles the animal’s figure. The Walrus seats are located on its back.

The Elephant Chair – This piece asks the elephant – the largest land mammal known for memory, intelligence and wisdom – to invade the human’s habitat. It makes a statement reminding us how majestic the animal truly is.

The Hippopotamus Chair – The Hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive and unpredictable animals in the world, and this chair’s design preserved its tremendous size and volume, creating an entire life-sized piece.

The Whale Chair – This tribute to the world’s largest animal makes a firm statement on surviving and overcoming, as the whale has had to fight of countless challenges to its survival from humankind. Its dimensions make it an ideal piece for open spaces and wide areas.

Buy Maximo Riera Animal Chairs

While Maximo Riera’s Animal Chairs are displayed prominently on his website, they are not listed with prices on the site. To express interest in purchasing a Maximo Riera Animal Chair – Rhino, Octopus, Walrus, Elephant, Hippopotamus or Whale – contact his studio through the contact page on his studio website.

Maximo Riera has created a unique collection of sculpture-inspired furniture that will never fail to evoke conversation, provide a talking point and bring the beauty of the animal kingdom indoors where more people can appreciate them and be inspired by nature’s beauty.



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