Minibrew Brewing Machine

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Minibrew Brewing Machine


Minibrew Brewing Machine For Fine Beer


What is MiniBrew?

With MiniBrew, the easiest and smartest all grain beer brewing machine, you can become a brewmaster in just a few hours. Fresh beer brewed just to your taste with the whole process controlled by an app on your phone? You don’t want to miss this – plus, the machine’s aesthetics will have your friends looking on in jealously as they wonder how you got such a remarkable machine that looks so good.

Brewing small-batch beer just got as easy as brewing a cup of coffee because MiniBrew simplifies the entire process, including fermentation. You can brew your own beer style with great accuracy, so your dream of becoming a successful tastemaker can finally come true!

MiniBrew is the very first system in the beer home brewing industry to successfully combine and automate the brewing, cooling and fermentation processes into one single machine.

To start the brewing process, you fill the system with natural ingredients, which you can order from MiniBrew. Next is mashing, where the machine mixes water with grist in less than one minute, with water flowing the whole time. Then comes boiling, cooling, cleaning in place and automatically transferring the wort into primary and secondary fermentation.

When you’re ready, the last step is to attach a tap on top of the keg so you can artfully pour your new brew into glasses. As you watch the cold brown liquid slide down the inside of the glass, you’ll be filled with the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished this perfect brew on your own. Your beer will taste that much better for having made it yourself!

More Details

The brewing and cooling process takes about 3.5 hours, thanks to sensor technology and smart software. The fermentation process varies according to the beer you’re brewing, but it can take as little as a week, after which your reward will be five liters (1.3 gallons) of high-quality beer. You, your friends and your family can then enjoy your newly-brewed keg at your next party! This is the first true solution to dramatically reduce brewing time while at the same moment increasing the quality of the beer you’re producing.

Using the specialized MiniBrew app for your phone, you can order malts and hops from all over the world based on your personal tastes. Order the ingredients straight through the app, and a single package with everything you need will show up on your doorstep.

Once you add your ingredients to the machine, the app will give you brewing instructions and you can monitor the brewing process from wherever you are. The app will notify you when you are needed to continue the process or when your beer is ready for you to enjoy.

Every beer you brew will be saved in the app’s brew log so you can easily find the recipe and brew it again. You can brew any style of beer with MiniBrew, from a warming Bock or Red Amber to a refreshing India Pale Ale or Pilsner, to a German Weizen or an American Ale – it’s all possible with MiniBrew.

Buy MiniBrew

MiniBrew will be available for purchase in 2016. It is currently in production and can be ordered through the MiniBrew IndiGoGo page for around $2,000.

If you love beer – or if you know someone who does – this would be a fantastic, specialized machine for your home or for a gift. Keep on eye on the availability date and as soon as it is available, snap it up. When that first batch of beer flows from the tap into your glass, you’ll be in heaven – and ready for more!



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