Mitchell Billiard Tables

billiard tables by Mitchell billiard tavles featuring a chrome pool table in a penthouse

Mitchell Billiard Tables


Mitchell Billiard Tables


Mitchell Exclusive Billiard Designs creates breathtaking custom pool tables:

Playing pool gives you a way to relax at the end of a long day. Gathering with friends to enjoy a game, though, is a more pleasurable experience when you have a high quality billiard table. A perfect table lets you have fun while you show off your skills. A subpar table doesn’t offer the same experience. Without the right table, players get frustrated as their balls follow unseen curves and slants.

Mitchell Custom Tables offers a solution to this frustration. The family-owned company has been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s best pool tables since 1979. The designs offer excellent playability. Each one is also custom made to match the buyer’s preferences. No matter what kind of decor your home has, Mitchell Custom Tables can make a pool table that fits perfectly.

Radical Design Concepts

Mitchell Custom Tables doesn’t bother building typical pool tables. The tables you find in billiard halls might work fine, but they tend to have dull designs that you’ve seen a thousand times before. Mitchell will make you rethink what a pool table can look like.

Some of the most radical design concepts fit today’s homes and hotels with eclectic styles. Mitchell’s VUE model, for instance, combines rosewood rails and LED lights encased in glass to create a glowing attraction that dominates recreational areas. The Miami uses modernist aesthetics by pairing large brushed stainless steel columns with black rails. It truly looks like it belongs in a Miami mansion.

Mitchell designs pool tables in the way that architects design buildings. The company pours personality into every piece, making them unique statements about contemporary aesthetics. For most people, a pool table is just a piece of recreational equipment. For Mitchell, pool tables become a way to express fundamental truths about beauty and artistry.

The Right Size for Your Home

When choosing a pool table, it’s important to consider how much spare room you have in your home and how you prefer playing billiard games. Mitchell Custom Tables makes designs in three sizes:

  • Pub
  • Professional
  • Tournament

At 39 by 78 inches, the pub size is the smallest Mitchell offers. A pub size pool table needs a room that is about 13 by 16 feet. This gives players enough room to position themselves comfortably without striking walls with their sticks. Pub pool tables are best for casual games. Serious players usually want larger tables that closely match those used by professionals.

The professional size has a playing surface that’s 46 by 92 inches. It needs a room that’s at least 13 feet four inches by 17 feet. The professional size lets players hone their skills. You may not envision yourself as a professional player, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use one of these standard tables to develop your skills. Playing pool is always more fun when you know how to control your shots


Tournament billiard tables from Mitchell has a 50 by 100 inch playing surface and needs a room that’s 13 feet eight inches by 18 feet. This large table forces you to become a better player. When the dimensions reach this size, even the smallest miscalculations can show flaws in your game. If you’re serious about becoming a better player, then this is the size you need in your home.

Buying a Mitchell Billiard Table

The designers at Mitchell Custom Billiard Tables are committed to making unique pool tables that complement their clients’ homes. Each table is like a piece of finely crafted furniture. The tables are for more than just recreation. They add beauty and sophistication that will bring out the best in your home.



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