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What is Lazareth Auto-Moto?

Lazareth Auto-Moto is an innovate company that offers prototyping and manufacturing of completely customized vehicles designed to meet your wildest dreams.

The company came to fruition in 1998 after owner Ludovic Lazareth, a graduate of the Espera Sbarro School, had spent a few years in the prototyping department at AIXAM-MEGA (Andros Trophy – MEGA Track V12). Wanting to combine his creativity and imagination with his passion for cars and motorbikes, he decided to create Lazareth Auto-Moto.

The vision of the company is to build custom vehicles to suit the needs and desires of the customer. Whether you want to add safety features, visual appeal, speed, or wheels, Lazareth Auto-Moto has you covered.

Lazareth Auto-Moto manufactures vehicles from A to Z, including the motorization, number of wheels and space of your choosing. They also tailor vehicles based upon the purpose for which you want to use it; whether that be dirt-biking, riding in luxury, or driving in water (yes, for real)!

A perfect example of a vehicle designed for personalized use is their featured product. The La Mare Amphibie Lazareth is a beach car designed to be driven both on land and in water, thanks to its 4-wheel drive and its aluminum body.

They specialize in the production of chassis and rolling trains for tailor-made vehicles. They also provide the manufacture of bearings and motor-electric wheels.

Not only do they create amazing design, but they focus on engineering and industrial development as well. The company carefully masters all of the crucial stages of vehicle construction, from the prototyping to the certification process, to the launch of the series. Lazareth Auto-Moto ensures that no part of the process is left out.

Since obtaining the status of manufacturer in 2005, Lazareth Auto-Moto has had much success creating high-performance, personalized replicas of some of the most appealing commodities. Examples of their work include the first 3-wheeler based on the Yamaha 530 Tmax, directional front wheels on a Honda 1800 Goldwing, and much more.

They’ve also worked with some of the most well-known brands including Buell Motorcycles, Yamaha Motors Europe, Intersport, and the automotive supplier NTN SNR.

Speaking of popular brands, Lazarath Auto-Moto also works for cinema and advertising. From the advertising spot to featured films such as Mad Max and Century Fox for Babylon AD, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves.

More Details

Lazareth Auto-Moto shines in its ability to create custom-made luxury automobiles based on some of the most popular brands. Their key to success is how much care and work they put into the vehicles for the sake meeting their customer’s wishes.

Their impeccable design simulates that of high-quality brands, with the advantage of unique features. As mentioned above, you can add on wheels, increase or decrease space, choose your engine, or design a vehicle for a particular use.

Preserving much of the authentic framework, such as engine and chassis, Lazareth Auto-Moto adds advanced features to add power, strength, and virility to their vehicles. They never sacrifice quality, and they pride themselves on maintaining the look, style, and idea of the original piece, with an added touch of innovation and creativity.

They also work with prototyping to make your automobile ideas come to life. The best part is that all you have to do is come up with your vision and leave the hard work to them.

Whatever your desire is, Lazareth Auto-Moto is there to build the vehicle of your dreams, with the engine, the number of wheels, places, and use of your choice.

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Seeing as Lazareth Auto-Moto produces products based on customization and personalized needs, prices are specific to each individual product. For that reason, prices are not publicly available.



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