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What are Mollusc Tents?

Ever since anyone can remember, tent design has stayed basically the same. Flexible poles hold up a roof over your head, with a zipper door at the end or the side. There might be a mesh window, but for the most the part, tents are enclosed structures that take a significant amount of time to set up and take down.

People have been trying to build mobile housing, including tents for thousands of years, but Mollusc has invented a radical new tent design that will change the way you look at mobile and temporary housing structures.

The Mollusc is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The top of the tent folds all the way down for complete exposure and then all the way back over until the tent is a fully enclosed space. The effect reminds you of a clamshell (thus the Mollusc name). The adjustable outer frame allows for quick adjustment of the flip top – in fact, it claims to be the only tent in the world that you can fully open and close in three seconds.

More Details

Based in Wales, Mollusc Tents calls their design a side-hinged “pram hood” frame because it looks much like the top of a baby carriage looks, with an adjustable sunshade than can move up and down. The side hinges allow you easily swing the tent open and closed, just like your mom or dad adjusted your baby stroller hood based on whether the sun was shining, rain was falling, etc.

Three primary positions for the frame allow you to enjoy a fully-enclosed tent for camping, a half-open sun shelter or a fully open floor with a small, integrated barrier wall.

The Nano version of the Mollusc tent weighs 55 pounds packed, so this would be a great tent for car camping or for a place to hang out during all-day music festivals, for example. It’s too heavy for extreme mountaineering or even just a quick overnight camping trip in the backwoods, but a lighter-weight version may be in the plans eventually. Settting up the Nano Mollusc takes about 15 minutes if you have two people with experience working in good conditions.

Mollusc has also developed a larger version of the tent called the Standard model. At 496 pounds, 420 square feet and almost 10 feet in height, the Standard version is too large for a normal camping trip. This would be the perfect choice, though, to provide a temporary spot for bands and DJs to play at a music festival. It could also be used for workshops during corporate retreats.

Buy Mollusc Tents

If you are interested in buying the latest Mollusc tent, check out the company’s website for more information. The company also did a Kickstarter campaign, which you can check for the latest information on when new tents will be available. You also may be able to order the plans that show you how to build a Mollusc Tent on your own.

If you are the kind of person who likes something new and different and you don’t want to do things a certain way just because they have always been done that way, Mollusc is for you. This ingenious design is different, but it lets you easily adapt to changing weather conditions – even if a storm pops up out of nowhere, you only need three seconds to fully close the Mollusc Tent.

Step out of your comfort zone and into a whole new world with Mollusc Tents. You will not regret it. The great outdoors is calling – why wait?



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