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Business Spotlight: Moon Jet Aircraft Group – UK


What do a 22-year old entrepreneurial phenom and a decorated RAF fighter pilot have in common? A passion for helping you achieve the dreams of aircraft ownership. Or perhaps, helping your company raise extra capital through sale, lease, or remarketing of its fleet. Either way, the guys at Moon Jet Group are prepared to make the experience unforgettable —and they are positioned to do it.

What is Moon Jet Aircraft Group?


Moon Jet Aircraft Group is one of world’s largest aircraft remarketing and sales businesses at present. In total, the company has around 100 aircraft for sale worldwide. Their carefully curated fleet ranges from single engine aircraft, military-grade aircraft, corporate jets and helicopters to airliner aircraft like the Boeing 747.

They make the customer experience a top concern, bringing energy, passion, and high standards to all of their business dealings. They provide impeccable support and are available to their customers whenever they are needed, no matter the time or place.

More Details

Visionary, James Moon founded the group when he was only 22-years old. His age has not held him back, however. This is due in part to his ability to form relationships within the industry and assemble a team of professionals, experienced in aviation. Moon has compiled a global team of consultants and support personnel who bring additional skills to the table, offering expertise in legal and financial areas.

Moon announced earlier this year that former RAF fighter pilot and leader of the Red Arrows, Jas Hawker was joining the team as COO. Hawker, you may know, was the youngest pilot in the history of the RAF commissioned to fly the Panavia Tornado GR4 ground-attack aircraft on the front-line. Since his time in the RAF, Hawker has become a well-known motivational speaker and thought leader. His addition to the group will certainly impact the dynamic in many ways.

The company is unique in other ways, as well. They have revolutionized the industry by their positioning in “remarketing,” or brokering commercial aircraft. A fair amount of their business is helping corporations and private owners create income from their underutilized aircraft or fleet.

Their commitment to customer service is evident in the way they simplify a prospective buyer’s experience from selection all the way through to financing.


Buy Moon Jet Group’s Products


With over 100 fixed wing and rotary aircraft for sale or brokered through the group, the best way to get started is to peruse their current inventory online. The current offerings include a range of commercial jetliners, corporate jets, helicopters, experimental aircraft, turboprops and even a selection of classic and vintage planes. In the future, the group has plans to include a section for selling aircraft engines and other plane and helicopter parts and accessories.

You will find that their elegant website,, conveys the company’s mission of providing “world-class service to world-class clients”  The site itself offers users ample information, including plenty of specs and glossy photos of their aircraft fleet. Users in the market should be able to gather the information they need to decide if they want to explore further, the opportunity to purchase their dream aircraft.

From their homepage, you will find links to the other services offered such as aircraft charters and fleet management, as well as, information about their charitable pursuits, corporate mission statement, and thoughts on promoting social responsibility.

While Moon Jet Group is based out of the UK, they have team members located throughout the United States, Australia, Dubai, Monaco, and Italy. As well, their inventory spans the globe, with aircraft available globally.


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