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What is Motion Simulation?

Motion Simulation has one goal: to design and build the most absorbing and rewarding simulation experiences possible. They are well-qualified to do so – Founder Jonathan Bell has owned and driven some of the world’s best-performing racing cars, so he has deep experience with how it feels to drive a car at its limits in an attempt to maximize performance.

This experience has transferred well to Motion Simulation. The company’s unique product designs are being bought by large companies around the world. Motion Simulation is based in England, but has products in use from Saudi Arabia to India to the United States.

Motion Simulation products reproduce the look and feel of both racing and regular automotive experiences as well as flying planes. They aim to provide an unrivalled, immersive, realistic experience that can be used by anyone from individual professional racecar drivers to corporations which want to train employees.

The company works in partnership with leading simulation experts around the world. They use only parts and components of highest quality that have been thoroughly tested with more than 3,000 test drives. It is important to the company to ensure customer satisfaction and reliable products that can be counted on to perform as expected.

More Details

Motion Simulation products fall into three basic product lines – the TL Series, the 200 Series and the screen pod. The TL Series is Motion Simulation’s best selling product. They are built for commercial and professional use and include up to three degrees of freedom. They use the world’s first 200-degree wrap-around screen, which can display a seamless six-million pixel image. The TL 2 includes two axes of motion and can be used for racing, automotive and aviation applications, while the TL 3 includes three axes of motion and can be used for the same applications.

The 200 Series is a newer value product line that features a lighter weight and more minimal design. It can be used commercially or at home and takes less time to assemble. The 201 includes one axis of motion and is used in racing, automotive and aviation applications. The 202 includes two axes of motion and the 203 uses three axes of motion – both models can also be used in racing, automotive and aviation environments.

The Motion Simulation Screen Pod is an entry-level product that includes the 200-degree wrap-around screen. It can be used in commercial and home environments. This product only includes the wrap-around portion. Buyers must supply their own computer, cockpit and controls. The screen pod offers a way to break into the market without breaking the bank, although you will have to purchase other parts separately.

The company is also available to work on special products if you have simulation needs that current products do not fit. With their extensive experience in simulation technology, design and manufacturing, they are able to work with partners in many different industries to create solutions to their needs. Past special projects include single-seat helicopter simulator, a Boeing F15 fighter jet simulators and a twin seat simulators.

Buy Motion Simulation Products

To purchase Motion Simulation simulators, you can get in touch with the company through their website. The Screen Pod starts at 8,495 pounds (about $13,300).

The 200 Series runs from 17,995 pounds (about $28,200) to 26,995 pounds (about $42,200), depending on the model. The TL Series runs from 30,995 pounds ($48,500) to 34,995 pounds ($54,800), also depending on the model.

While Motion Simulation simulators require a serious investment, they are some of the best simulation models in the world. They provide both fun and serious training for a wide range of customers. For more detailed information on each model, visit the Motion Simulation website.


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