Nuvist Mvtikka Fireplace

fireplaces by Nuvist feature a tank fireplace built into the wall that resembles lips

Nuvist Mvtikka Fireplace


Nuvist Mvtikka Fireplaces


What are Nuvist Products?

Nuvist architecture and design products bring a new sensibility to the market. They are curvy and expressive, not afraid to challenge the establishment with a new take on the world. Their products include architectural designs, seating, desks, fireplaces and more.

Nuvist, an architectural and design studio, is based in Instanbul, Turkey. Their design philosophy says that there are no specific rules for the creation of a product. Their approach combines ideas from the fields of art, architecture and design and then integrates them in a unique perspective.

This multi-directional vision lets them transform design by using both traditional and modern techniques along with cutting-edge technology that encompasses both the digital and physical world. Their experiments with design have led them to create new spatial concepts, innovative forms and functional structures that don’t just look good, but have an unrivaled impact on your everyday life.

More Details

One of the most innovative products produced by Nuvist is the Mvtikka,  unique indoor fireplaces set into a wall that looks for all the world like a pair of lips opening to the room. This fireplace design is inspired by the flicking, curving shapes of fire and flame formations. The piece makes connections between the natural and simple lines of waves dancing within the fire.

These fluid lines transform into a continuous dynamic surface that catches your eye immediately upon entering a room. Built as an electric fireplace, it will work perfectly in both contemporary and classical indoor spaces.

Other products that match the smooth, curved look of the Mvtikka include multiple indoor bar lounges with smooth, contemporary lines. Several seating products continue the same look, with some models designed for your home, and others built for public spaces such as malls, hotels and even beaches and street furniture. Other seating options include modular systems such as chairs and bar stools for both public and private spaces.

ther furniture products from Nuvist include tables, reception and office desks that can be used in a multitude of ways. These pieces don’t adhere to the traditional form of four legs on the floor. Instead, they develop a new design aesthetic, with sometimes just one point of contact with the floor. They make any room a dynamic and energizing place, ready to break free from conventions to create a new reality.

Nuvist’s reach even extends into the bathroom, with new typology for bathtubs, toilets and washbasins that mark every area of your home as a fluid, contemporary space full of inspiration.

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Nuvist products would make an intriguing enhancement to your home or office. These unique pieces will ensure you become talked about in your circles while establishing you as a visionary.

Prices for these products are not available on the Nuvist website. For general sales-related questions, price lists and catalogues, you can use the Sales contact form on their website or email or call the studio with the information on the site.

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