The Beast from Daymak

off road bike from Daymak

The Beast from Daymak


The Beast Off Road Bike


The coolest off road bike never seems to meet the qualifications of street legal motorcycles. When designing bikes for off-road adventures, a lot of companies pour all of their effort into the features needed for climbing steep trails and remaining sturdy on narrow paths.

Daymak took a decidedly different approach when designing the Beast, a unique bike that works well both on and off the road. The street legal bike offers a new option for adventurous types who don’t want to draw lines between the work week and playful weekends.

Features for an Authentic Off-Road Experience

The Daymak Beast off road bike contains some essential features that will give you an authentic off-road experience. The bike has a stiff chassis that makes it easier to control while adding to the rider’s comfort. It has oversized wheels that make it easy to grip loose, slippery surfaces. It even comes with solar panels that recharge the battery so you can travel longer without worrying about fuel.

The specific features that you get depend on the Beast model you choose. The Standard version comes with a 500w BLDC motor and 60 volt battery with about 300 battery life cycles. It can reach speeds up to 15.6 mph (25 kmh) and has a 15.53-mile (25-km) range.

The Deluxe has a 60V lithium battery with about 800 life cycles. This version of the Beast has an 18.6-mile (30-km) range and a top speed of 20 mph (32 kmh).

The Beast Ultimate offers as many features as possible. It has a Samsung 2200mAH 18650 battery and 500W BLDC motor. These help the bike reach 20 mph (32 kmh) speeds and cover about 18.6 miles (30 km) without needing a recharge. The Ultimate offers other advantages, too, such as:

  • LED Deluxe headlights
  • A frame made of alloy and steel
  • Inverted shocks

Despite the extra features, the Ultimate model only weighs about 11 pounds (five kg) than the Deluxe.

Powering Your Adventures with the Sun

All versions of the Beast come with a 15W per hour solar panel that recharges the battery. It takes about six hours to recharge a completely dead battery. Planning your routes, however, makes it possible to recharge the bike continuously throughout the day. As long as you have sunshine, you’re ready to go.

Running out of power has always been a concern for people who use solar powered vehicles. In reality, this isn’t a big problem for the Beast. Bikes that rely on gasoline have limited ranges, too, but you can’t refuel them by letting them sit in the sun while you enjoy lunch or explore an area on foot. With an electric motor and reliable solar panel, you have a nearly limitless energy supply to fuel your adventures.

One of the Best Street Legal Toys

The Beast off road bike is a joy to ride. It’s not exceptionally fast because Daymak engineered it for surviving difficult off-road trails. Still, it offers an easy mode of transportation that’s as fun as it is reliable. Most off-road bikes don’t meet street requirements. You can’t even enjoy those bikes until you get a trailer to haul them away from the city. With the Beast, you can use city roads and trails without distinction.

The Beast’s design makes it possible for you to ride the streets without buying another insurance policy. It’s just small enough to avoid that extra expense. It’s the best of both worlds: a street legal vehicle that doesn’t need to meet state insurance requirements.

If you want the best motorcycle for your daily commute and your weekend thrills, check out the Beast. It has the power and the features to take you wherever you want to go.



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