office chair by Recaro a black chair with white background

Talk About Comfort and Luxury!

I recently had to do some work at my bosses computer. After about two hours I could hardly walk, my back and behind hurt so bad from sitting in his chair. I asked him “Is this anyway for a president of Toys for Big Boys to work?” His response “It is broken in, you get used to it.” I would have nothing to do with this response. I immediately called my friend at Recaro. My bosses new Recaro Commander chair arrived today. What a thing of beauty. The luxury chair comes complete with air lumbar support, seat cushion extension, backrest adjustment and many more other options. The owner, John Fischer, is thrilled. I sat in the chair for about an hour and did not want to give it back. Now John has to deal with the rest of the office sitting in his chair and begging for one of their own. Don’t get me wrong you have to pay a luxury price for this office chair, but considering you sit in a chair for at least eight hours a day you deserve to be comfortable. Perhaps if everyone in the office had this chair we would work longer than eight hours a day without hesitation. Check out Recaro and Iron Horse Seating on Toys for Big Boys.