Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers

The Oliver Legacy Elite and Elite II are designed for carefree use and ease of towing! It has a unique patented design and construction process. We begin with Dual, High-Quality Fiberglass Shells or Hulls. In addition, we utilize Dual-Axles, a hefty 2″ x 5″, Box Tube Aluminum Frame (aircraft grade aluminum), and 4- 16″LT Truck Tires. No wood is used in the hull construction including the undercarriage of your Travel Trailer which is an area very vulnerable to the elements. Not in an Oliver! It is built to last a lifetime! All of your wiring, holding tanks, and components are enclosed between your inner and outer shells or hulls providing superior insulation benefits and protection from the elements.

Just to recap and expand a little on what you may know so far. The Oliver Legacy Elite II is 23.5 ft long (including the tongue) and has a base price of $48,500.00 The Legacy Elite II comes in two configurations: Standard/King Bed and Twin Bed. The Oliver Legacy Elite is 18.5 ft comes in a Standard/Full Bed or Twin Bed configuration and has a base price of $45,500.00

Attached is the Options Pricing. Our online brochures show the complete list of standard specifications.

When comparing options you’ll notice the Oliver comes more fully loaded within its standard base price than many Travel Trailers do with all their options. Some of the features on the Oliver Travel Trailer are very unique and may not be available elsewhere within the industry.

For those who need or want more, we have that as well. Many of our customers enjoy boon-docking and then there are those who still want or need to stay more connected while they travel. We provide a number of additional options to make that convenient including WIFI Rangers, Cell Phone Boosters, Generator Quick Connects, Solar Panels, and much more.

We intend for our customers to be fully equipped for an exceptional travel experience.

To discuss the available options or if you are curious about pricing with options that best suit your needs, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you with a mock invoice of your initial selections.

We are manufactured in Tennessee and sell direct from our showroom, near our manufacturing facility, which is located 90 minutes SW of Nashville. We do not have dealers in order to keep the quality high and price down.

Each Oliver Legacy Elite and Elite II is custom-ordered to reflect individual-specific options and color selections.

Please let us know if you have a target date in mind for receiving your Oliver Legacy Elite II. To secure a production date we require an initial 15% payment along with an initial signed invoice. This places your order into our production queue. An additional 35% is due upon the start of your custom shells(approximately 10 weeks before delivery). All order changes should be finalized before Hull Constructions begins. The remaining 50% balance is due upon delivery. For the most current and specific available delivery dates please give us a call.

Some of our prospects do their research and place orders over the phone with fabric and flooring samples sent by mail. Deliveries are primarily made through our showroom in Tennessee.

We also currently have people drive in and fly in from all over the country to see the Ollie. We realize that is not possible for everyone’s schedule. So, for interested parties we will gladly help you arrange a Personal Field Viewing with the Oliver Owner located closest to you. Please feel free to visit “Where’s Ollie” on our website for possible viewing locations and give us a call to make viewing arrangements.

On behalf of The Team at OTT and The Oliver Family, we’d like to thank you for your interest in Oliver Travel Trailers. We look forward to helping you learn more about the Oliver difference. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have at this time. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm Central Time.

Oliver Travel Trailers were designed out of the Oliver Family’s love for camping and The Great Outdoors. We hope you’ll find them to your liking and that you may have an opportunity to see an Oliver near you. Also, we invite you to be our guest for a personal tour of our manufacturing facility in Tennessee. Pictures, as good as they are, don’t do them justice! We are proud to say that some tell us “It is the Travel Trailer of their Dreams!”

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We are here to answer any questions, for more info, please visit our contact page at Contact Us | ToysForBigBoys.com to reach us via email or call us at 1-855-533-8697, thank you, and have a great day.