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One Copenhagen: Danish Fuel


One Copenhagen: Danish Fuel Bar Cabinets


If you’re a woman or you live with one, you know the problem: high heels are scattered everywhere, pairs are mismatched and it’s hard to display those beautiful shoes in a beautiful manner.

Another problem: you need storage solutions in your kitchen and bathroom, but you don’t want just any old shelf. You want something stylish yet functional.

A third issue: you need a cabinet, but you want something unique that no one else in your circle of friends will have.

Although these problems may seem unrelated, One Copenhagen is a Danish company that can solve them all. One Copenhagen Bar Cabinets sells unique luxury products designed to improve your everyday life so you can be as successful as possible. Ideas for their designs come from specific needs for which they build a solution.

More Details

Flash Up panels are built exclusively to display women’s high-heeled shoes based on the belief that heels are made to be shown, even when you’re not wearing them. Flash Up panels are beautifully designed flat panels that attach to the wall. They include silicone fixtures at the top of the panel designed to hold the heels of your shoes in place.

Available in oak, walnut, aluminum and acrylic (the clear material makes it look as though shoes are floating on the wall), Flash Ups will fit discretely in any environment from walk-in closets to narrow entryways.

Straights are One Copenhagen’s module shelving system designed for both the kitchen and the bathroom. They were conceived to add a functional and aesthetic high-quality touch to your home. Made from highly durable Dupont Corian, the panels can be arranged in several different ways, including both horizontally and vertically. Either way will help draw attention to the lines of the interior of your home.

Straights can be used as a gallery panel for your shaving equipment in the bathroom or they can be used in the kitchen to hold cooking utensils, spices or even recipes. A magnetic panel is also available that works perfectly for displaying kitchen knives. All Straights come in a glacier white color.

A third product from One Copenhagen is unique upcycled Danish fuel “Jerry Cans.” Originally used in World War II to hold gas, diesel fuel, kerosene and water, these Jerry Cans now serve as bar cabinets, bathroom cabinets and rolling suitcases. One Copenhagen recycles the cans by removing old rust and paint with sandblasting, adding a new layer of powdercoating and installing shelves made of Oak, Walnut or smoked Oak.

The Bar Cabinets hold three or four bottles of liquor and can be mounted on the wall with a couple of screws. They are available in red, gold, copper, army green, missile grey, Moscow white and nano black.

The Bathroom Cabinets include a different layout of white shelves inside and are available in army green, copper, gas red, gold, missile grey, Moscow white, nano black and water blue.

The rolling suitcases include an aluminum handle and soundless roller blade wheels. You’ll always be able to find your suitcase on the conveyer belt because of the unique design. Suitcases are available in aluminum, army green, gas red, Moscow white and pitch black.

Buy One Copenhagen’s Storage Designs

All One Copenhagen storage design products are available to order on their company website. Flash Ups are available in a variety of designs, sizes and arrangements. Prices range from 59.99 Euros (about $67) for a twin transparent pack to 1,999 Euros (about $2,250) for a large wooden rack on a permanent fixture. These bar cabinets are stylish and functional.

Straights modules cost 346.99 Euros ($390) for a standard module, and 305.99 Euros ($344) for a magnetic panel. All upcycled Jerry Cans cost 469.99 Euros ($528).

If you’re looking for unique storage ideas that are cool and functional at the same time, try One Copenhagen today!



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