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What is OneBlade?

Tired of reaching for the same old razor over and over? Tired of the the multi-bladed razor cartridges that over promise and under-deliver? Tired of razor burn, ingrown hairs and a terrible shaving experience?  If this describes you, try OneBlade, the best razors on earth. You will never go back, and you will never accept compromise again.

OneBlade is made of high-grade German stainless steel machined to a +/- 0.05 mm tolerance with military-grade PVD coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance, easy cleanability and perfect feel. The head pivots thanks to a Teflon-coated stainless steel spring. The quick-load blade system provides optimal blade exposure and angle, and the razor’s hand-polished finish is the cherry on top.

OneBlade the best razors on Earth. Period.

Creating the greatest razor on Earth demands excellence and a near-fanatical devotion to detail. There is no room for compromise and no faults in OneBlade. As soon as you pick it up, you know you are holding true beauty in your hand.

OneBlade’s Japanese Feather blades deliver the most comfortable shave you have ever experienced. Constructed from hardened stainless steel with a platinum coating, these blades are super sharp. An uncompromised shave means you need a close shave, and OneBlade calls for a new razor blade each day to guarantee perfection.

This is not just another razor. This is an heirloom you pass down to your son, who will pass it down to his son, who will do the same when the time comes. Every individual OneBlade is guaranteed for life and individually numbered. Because OneBlade believes their razor is truly the best in the world, they keep it under warranty forever.

You get a great shave with OneBlade, but that’s not all you’re getting for your money. You are mastering a process and learning a new tool that will get you the best shave of your life. It’s a daily tradition that will give you a few quiet moments to clear your mind and prepare for the day, thanks to OneBlade.

More Details

Because it consists of just one razor blade, it is very easy to clean, even while you’re shaving. Razors that get clogged with hair are dangerous and ineffective, but it’s nearly impossible to clog a OneBlade.

Loading new razor blades into the razor handle is very simple, with no tools required. The new blades just snap right into place – no screws or nuts to deal with. Aesthetics matter when you use a tool every day, so the company didn’t settle for just any design – they insisted on a beautiful design that will look amazing in your hand or sitting on the bathroom counter.

When you order OneBlade, your razor comes in a beautifully-wrapped package in a leather box. It also includes a stainless steel razor stand built from a single piece of solid steel and its no-slip base makes it the perfect choice for this job.

Buy OneBlade Products

The standard model is one of the most expensive razors in the world. At a cost of $299, you will have a lifetime razor that will never need to be replaced. This will save you money in the long run when you don’t have to buy expensive razor blades every few days.

OneBlade’s products also include the BlackBlade, an exclusive black razor marked with its serial number. At $2,500, only 101 of these will ever be made, so act now!

Other products include a badger-hair shaving brush ($399), travel sets and boxes of 30 single-edge steel blades ($27.95). These can be shipped at frequencies of 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.

Try OneBlade today – you won’t regret it!



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