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Outrider USA Electric Adventure Vehicles

What is Outrider USA?

Outrider USA is a company that seeks to provide independence, exercise and everyday adventure through their selection of electric adventure vehicles (EAV). These vehicles blend the best of bikes, electric motorcycles, and ATVs to create a unique and thrilling experience for riders.

The company offers many different parts that add to the uniqueness of the vehicle. Headlights, visibility whips, waterproof bags, headrests, electronics packages, and parking brake systems are all available. This attests to the true modularity that Outrider is bringing into the EAV world.

These vehicles will turn heads and spark conversation wherever they go. The products provide the freedom of riding a bike with adaptations to best fit your particular life situation. In addition to that, these vehicles look really cool, to boot. Enjoying independence and riding in style is practically guaranteed by utilization of these unique vehicles.

More Details

The philosophy at Outrider USA is that any person who desires to own an Outrider should have a way to acquire one, that others should be treated as you want to be treated, and that purpose-driven design is first place. This is shown by offering high-quality vehicles manufactured in America. It’s also proven by the community work that the company does for disabled veterans and other community groups.

The vehicles available at Outrider offer a universal design with many configuration options. This is implemented because the company desires to provide a product that is accessible to older people, people with disabilities, as well as people without disabilities.

A modular design approach allows for an opportunity for those with various physical abilities to participate and enjoy an Outrider adventure with family and friends. Outrider strives to help restore freedom to soldiers and veterans who may have suffered physical, emotional, or psychological wounds while serving the country.

The road-specific Alpha and the all-Terrain Horizon can be customized according to rider ability and allow anyone to participate in invigorating activities with others. Outrider USA has elicited expertise of veterans and veteran organizations to guide their work.

The Alpha is a great option for commuters or city-dwellers who want to try something new and unique. You can ride with pedal, electric, or at combination of the two. This vehicle is specially built to work on streets and highways. It has a speed of up to 20 mph, with some other options available as needed. Another version is available that trades pedaling for hand cycling for those who prefer that option.

Horizon can come in pedal and electric, all electric, as well as hand cycle and election. The hand cycle is an excellent choice for those who cannot pedal long distances or otherwise prefer to use their hands as momentum. This vehicle is an off-road option that will operate almost anywhere. Those recovering from an injury can use the electric drive as needed while using pedaling as wanted to regain strength.

Buy Outrider USA Products and Electric Adventure Vehicles

There are a number of adaptive center partners that can hook you up with a test ride of the Horizon. In addition, a partnership with First Mutual Finance has allowed for financing at a great rate. Finance can be used on the entire purchase or a portion, and length of term can be anywhere from six months to sixty months.

Products range in price but generally exist in the $10-thousand to the $15-thousand-dollar range. Alpha and Horizon pedal and electric are the most affordable options, while the exclusively electric versions are a bit more expensive. You can watch videos on the Outrider website to learn more,  and make a purchase directly. There are also often used Outriders for sale through the company.



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