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OXX Coffeemaker


What is Coffeeboxx?

There are lots of environments where men and women have to work that are not conducive to brewing a nice cup of coffee. Think construction zones, dirt, mud, rain and more. Now, there’s one coffeemaker that can go wherever you do.

Built to work even in the harshest environments, the COFFEEBOXX will brew a delicious cup of coffee in less than 90 seconds at the push of a button. It features an impact-resistant shell, water- and dust-resistant protection, a crush-proof core that can stand up to a quarter-ton load, hardware that is resistant to rust and a watertight design that makes it fully spill proof.

This is not your mother’s coffeemaker. It’s ready for anything. Just because you’re working in a rough environment doesn’t mean you should settle for bad coffee. This is, finally, good coffee for people who get their hands dirty. It’s built for those who bring it.

COFFEEBOXX is compatible with any of the popular K-cups. The single-serve pods are perfect for brewing coffee in a tough environment. They provide self-contained filtering with no need to bring along bulk bags of ground coffee, filters, scoops and more. Every person on your crew can bring the kind of coffee they want, with no arguments.

The COFFEEBOXX works well on the go – it features a hassle-free, three-foot power cord that retracts so you can quickly pack and go without the cord tangling or having to wind it around your hand.

You won’t often run out of water either. The COFFEEBOXX has the largest (and only) spill-proof water tank on the market (84.5 oz) so you will always be ready to make coffee. You can make up to 10 cups of coffee without having to refill the tank.

Brewing is quick and efficient so you don’t have to wait long to get back to work. In just about 75 seconds, you will have the perfect cup of coffee ready to go.

COFFEEBOXX is more than just a great coffeemaker – it also includes a separate on-demand hot water line so you can make a cup of hot tea, mix up some hot chocolate or even produce the hot water you need to cook a quick meal. The line is separate from the line that dispenses coffee, so your water will not include a bonus coffee flavor!

An easy-to-grab, comfortable rubberized handle means that it’s ridiculously easy to take COFFEEBOXX wherever you need to go. Six stainless steel tie-downs make it convenient for you to strap your COFFEEBOXX snugly in place so that no matter what kind of rough terrain you are dealing with, your coffee maker will be just fine.

A removable drip tray gives you room for extra-tall mugs, cups and vacuum bottles so you will have enough coffee to get you through the day.

More Details


  • Crush-proof: The heavy-duty OXX® chassis can withstand a 1,500-pound load without breaking
  • Spill-proof: The watertight design on the 84.5 oz water tank keeps water from spilling or leaking out even during rough rides
  • Water-resistant: Tight seams mean that moisture from the outside will find it difficult to enter the COFFEEBOXX
  • Portable and lightweight: The integrated rubberized handle makes it instantly portable, and because it only weighs 12 pounds empty, it’s a cinch to grab-and-go
  • Rust-proof: COFFEEBOXX will last longer than you think thanks in part to rust-resistant hardware and construction.
  • Dust resistant: Dirt and dust is always bad for an appliance, so the COFFEEBOXX is designed to keep dirt and debris on the outside, where it belongs.
  • Impact resistant: The interior structural ribbing of the COFFEEBOXX is built to handle most knocks, drops and bumps.

Buy Coffeeboxx

You can buy Coffeboxx coffeemaker on the manufacturer’s website at www.oxx.com for $230. You can also find Coffeboxx at several other online retailers or in several different stores across the United States. Check the company’s website for details.

Let’s face it, you need coffee wherever you go. Coffeeboxx travels with you, delivering the perfect brew in whatever tough extremes you face – buy one today!



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