Pandora Cabinets

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Pandora Cabinets


Pandora Cabinets


What are Sander Mulder products?

If design is your passion – or if you just appreciate a creative approach to everyday objects, you will find inspiration and delight in the work of Sander Mulder.

His studio is now an international operating design studio specializing in furniture, lighting and interior design. The company’s characteristic look and feel can now be found all over the world in homes, galleries and museums as they have expanded his tastes, influence and reach.

Sander Muller Studios believes good conceptual skills are not limited – they can be applied to any field. Combine that belief with the idea the new experiences stimulate creative juices, and you have the foundation of a unique design firm. Despite their specializations, they will work on any design project you bring to the table. They can take your idea from its innovative beginning to a finished product of the highest quality.

In fact, the company’s ability to think out of the traditional box has proven very valuable over the the years as they work with various international clients of differing tastes, styles and ideas of what looks good and what doesn’t.

With their own expectations as their highest guide, Sander Mulder is free to immerse themselves in many and varied subjects rather than being constrained to a single field or niche. Whatever inspires them is what they work on, and this free approach keeps them inspired and refreshed as their resulting dreams find their ultimate reality through beautiful craftsmanship.

The firm is indeed focused on quality instead of quantity, but they do occasionally produce and sell directly their exclusive and limited design series, which prove to be highly popular.

More Details

One of Sander Mulder’s coolest products is the Pandora Cabinet. It’s the original container cabinet that is often copied but never quite matched in design or quality. Known for its indesctructible appearance and boxy look, the shipping container is one of the best-known archetypes in industry.

The Pandora Cabinets were inspired by the beautiful color mosaics that result as these containers are stacked in every harbor and shipping terminal around the world. Available from Sander Mulder in black, orange and white, they can be stacked or rotated around in an endless color combination palette.

They are made with powder coated steel and smoked glass, with optional glass or metal shelves, glass inlay, white insides and wheels, and they are available in custom sizes.

With Pandora, you can create your own personal container terminal for your domestic storage needs.

Sander Mulder also answers requests for custom or one-off design projects. They are first and foremost a design studio, working each and every day on their own designs and specialty designs for clients. They are glad to produce custom versions of their standard collections or take on one-time custom design projects.

If you see a product you like but want to modify, just ask – you might be surprised at what is possible.

Sander Mulder’s work in general is a combination of strong lines, subtle details, bold statements and innovative techniques. They find a never-ending source of inspiration in archetypes and their interpretation and acceptance by mankind.

Buy Sander Mulder Products

To buy Sander Mulder products, you can order and pay through the company’s website. Prices vary depending on the product, so check the website for current prices. You can also just contact the company through the website with your order or your custom request.

You don’t want the same old storage cabinets and furniture pieces in your home. With Sander Mulder products, you will stand out – order today!



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