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If you’re looking for something eye-catching to drive on the road, a new Peel car is just what the doctor ordered. The world’s smallest street legal car, the Peel P50 measures just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide. It’s so small, it has held the Guinness Book of World Records title as the World’s Smallest Production car since 1962. Peel cars were originally conceived as ultra-compact commuter cars able to travel at 40 mph and hold one adult and a briefcase. They were manufactured for just a few short years during the 1960s, so quantities were limited. A small amount of those original cars are left today (a 1964 Peel original recently sold for more than $120,000 at auction), but the company has recently been acquired by new owners and reinvigorated, so tiny cars are once again in production.

Quantities are limited, so whether you want one just for fun, for your automobile collection or just to talk about with your friends, you’ll need to act quickly. Peel cars are available with fully functioning gas or electric engines, and they come in a wide range of colors.

More Details on Peel Engineering

The first thing you’ll notice about a Peel car is the size. You can’t believe something so small can actually hold a human and be legal to drive on the road. Peels come in two models – the P50, designed for one person and a bag, and the Peel Trident, the World’s Smallest Two-Seater. The Trident includes a trademark bubble dome instead of a traditional car roof and looks exactly like it came straight out of The Jetsons. It has actually been dubbed the “Original Terrestrial Flying Saucer.” At 72 inches long, it has enough room for two occupants.

Each new Peel car is hand-built in England and is individually tailored to its new owner’s specifications. The Peel production team works wonders in combining modern engineering with design and construction that are faithful to the original models. The original Peel P50 was built with an innovative fiberglass chassis, which made the small vehicle light but strong. The new Peel fiberglass team continues that tradition and has more than 40 years experience in building fiberglass composite cars.

Every Peel P50 includes rack and pinion steering, automatic gears, a fully independent suspension and all-wheel braking. They are rear-wheel drive and include an electric windshield wiper and a leather seat. The top speed of the Peel P50 is 28 mph. It is fully street legal in the United States as a motor-driven cycle and in Europe as a three-wheel moped. Peels can also be custom built to meet street legal requirements for other countries.

Buy Peel Cars

Both the Peel P50 and the Peel Trident are available to order for a limited time. Just fill out the Contact form on the Peel Engineering website with the basic details of your order and a member of the Peel team will be in touch with you to confirm. There is already a waiting list, so don’t delay.

Prices for the Peel cars start at 12,999 pounds, or about $20,000, and move upwards depending on your specifications. If you would like a bespoke version of a Peel Car, contact the company – they will be glad to accommodate your needs to produce your specific product.

A Peel car will put you in an elite group of people who can claim to own the World’s Smallest Car. You can already see a Peel at Ripley’s Believe it Not museum in London. Being able to invite people over to see the same thing at your home? Well, that’s priceless.



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